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Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma is usually Jerseys From China found in children between China NFL Jerseys the ages of 5 and 10. Kids typically survive less Discount NFL Jerseys than a year after being diagnosed. There is no known cause or cure. Treatment calls for months of radiation. And, ultimately, the brain cancer slowly robs motor function, resulting in partial paralysis, loss of voice and sight Air Max Saldi Online and an inability to eat and breathe.
Clemons' 3-year-old niece, Air Max 90 Pas Cher Chine Maiyanna, was diagnosed with DIPG in May and it's changed his life and his outlook on training camp.

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RENTON, Wash. (AP) 鈥?The Seattle Seahawks Clearance Shoes Nz released defensive end Chris Clemons on Alex Anzalone Jersey Wednesday, a move that Clearance Hockey Jerseys saves significant salary cap room but takes away one of their top Mens/Womens Air Jordan 11 GS Velvet Heiress Black/Metallic Gold-White 852625-651 pass rushers the past Nike Air Max Suomi four seasons.

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“Given the Govt’s perceived connection with the underworld and the narco-trade I wouldn’t rule out money laundering-” Pegasus ownerGary EleazarThe controversy has been brewing for years; the silence has been deafening but this past Sunday HeadCEO of the Guyana Pegasus Robert Badalof State Bharrat Jagdeo along with other stakeholders turned the symbolic sod for the construction of a Guyana Marriot International Hotel leaving in its wake numerous unanswered questions.Who are the shareholders? Why commit taxpayers’ money with less than a week to election? How will it be maintained?These are questions that local hotelier, Robert Badal, is asking.Badal is the principal owner and Chief Executive Officer of the Pegasus Hotel which has been recognized as the country’s premier hotel for decades now. He is of the view that firstly any investment in the hotel industry should be by the private sector and not an investment with taxpayers’ money, even a public/private partnership.According to Badal, the government over the years has demonstrated its inability to prudently manage the taxpayers’ money which it has invested over time, on each occasion raising eyebrows.Badal recalled some of the many failings. He pointed to the Skeldon Sugar Factory which he said should have only cost US$100M and would have performed better instead of having to plug US$65M more with the country yet to see benefits.Despite this investment, Badal is of the view that the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) along with the families that depend on the sugar industry faces an uncertain future.He spoke,Jerseys Wholesale, too, of the Berbice River Bridge which was supposed to have cost US$30M but wound up costing some US$55M while attracting one of the highest tolls in the world.“We have seen, over the years, so many failings by the government in the investment of taxpayers’ money…this Government has not been prudent with taxpayers’ money.”Badal believes that any such investment in the industry should have been done by the private sector. He adds that if such an investment was feasible,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, the private sector would have been able to more effectively manage it and in the process receive a better rate of return.Winston BrassingtonHad the project, in his view,Camiseta Fc Barcelona 2019, been feasible there would have been total private sector investment.He questions the logic behind the investment saying that at present the country’s hotel industry as a whole operates at an average of a 30 per cent occupancy rate. “So why would taxpayers’ money be used to increase the inventory of rooms when there is no increase in demand?“You tell me where the additional people will come from?”Badal says that the people that travel to Guyana other than to do business generally are Guyanese returning to visit their families and they would stay with relatives while in the country. “They are not going to stay in a hotel.”He said that under Jagdeo’s Presidency over the past 12 years the economy has only grown below the two per cent mark which would not enthuse any significant increase in traffic to Guyana.Badal says that with an increased demand for rooms then such an investment would be justified and even if it were to increase then the only justifiable investment source would be the private sector.The hotelier drew reference to the 2007 appeal by the Head of State for the country to increase its inventory of rooms available for the Cricket World Cup. According to Badal the majority of the new hotels that were built are now up for sale with no buyers available. “So why put taxpayers’ money to aid a multinational?”Badal told this publication,Nike Air Max Australia Cheap, “My issue is not putting up a hotel…If the Marriott wants to, it is a very rich multinational company,Cheap Jerseys, it should not depend on the taxpayers of this country to finance a US$51M investment and then it will come and run it…That’s not good business!”The Pegasus owner vehemently said of the US$51M investment “…it will fail overnight.” He said too that at present the vast majority of Guyanese don’t know what the deal is with the Marriott…“they are paying the Marriott to come and manage this.”Badal said that an investment of US$51M would require at least a 10 per cent return which would mean some US$5M. The entire industry in Guyana does not make half of this.The Hotelier says that for Republic Bank to put US$27M as was stated at the sod turning ceremony then there would have had to be a Government guarantee.“I went through this process,Nuova Maglia Juventus 18/19,” Badal said adding that Trinidadian banks would not finance a hotel even half the size of the proposed Marriott,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, without a Government guarantee.The owner of the proposed Hotel is Atlantic Hotel Incorporated (AHI) which Brassington has described as a Special Purpose Company. To date the only names that have been associated publicly with AHI are Brassington and Marcia Nadir.He reiterated that there is so much more need for the money, “look at the roads that don’t last a rainy season…public sector wages, a host of problems need to be taken care of …why build a hotel for the Marriott?”

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In recognition of the fact that an improper diet is a risk factor for cancer, the Ministry of Health, through its Food and Drug Analyst Department, is currently working in collaboration with the Caribbean Regional Organisation for Standard and Quality (CROSQ) in Barbados to arrest this prevailing problem.Minister of Health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, stressed that this measure is especially crucial because “the Caribbean can no longer afford not to have standards for trans-fat and salt. We must regulate our food content so that life in Guyana and the Caribbean will be very different within the next 24 months as we introduce these standards.”Implementing these standards will, by extension, govern the way that foods are processed, thereby ensuring that they are done in accordance with outlined stipulations, the Minister explained.“I congratulate Europe and North America for having taken these rigid actions already…But Guyanese will have to learn to make better use of our foods.”The Minister revealed that at least 62 percent of Guyanese do not eat an adequate supply of fruits and vegetables. Guyana, he said, is not listed among the countries that are not able to provide enough food,Jerseys Wholesale, but rather the problem that exists is that the wrong kinds of foods are being utilised. In essence, he asserted that the make-up of the foods are not balanced and therefore constitute an improper diet and could be the basis for the formation of some kinds of cancer.And even as efforts are being made to address the eating habits of Guyanese,Adidas Neo Sko Norge, the Minister emphasised that his Ministry will continue to look closely at the problem of smoking, which has also proven to be a risk factor for cancer. And it is not just those who indulge in the habit of smoking that are at risk,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, as according to the Minister, those who are exposed to second-hand smoke are similarly vulnerable.The consumption of alcohol, too, has been recognised as a dangerous practice,Stitched Jerseys, which can lead to the development of cancer.  In fact, he lamented that “too many of us interpret the science of alcohol conveniently, and in direct conflict to our benefits…We put ourselves at risk for various kinds of cancer – liver cancer, colon cancer,Air Max 90 Pas Cher Chine, et cetera. These are all things that we have to take responsibility for.”And in light of the fact that there is currently a convergence of communicable and chronic diseases, Minister Ramsammy asserted that early diagnosis could by extension lead to the prevention of cancer.The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), for instance, can occur in young individuals once they are sexually active, the Minister said, a condition, which could also eventually develop intocancer.  In this instance, he said that the condition of cancer would occur until 20 or 30 years later but “if we can identify HPV early, we will know who is at risk and be able to manage the condition.An early diagnosis will allow us to treat this condition successfully.”Minister Ramsammy explained that not only is cancer preventable, but once diagnosed early, it can be curable. He opined that the problem in Guyana is that people seek medical attention often when it is too late.“At this point we can only treat them and help them to live longer,Jerseys NFL Cheap, but even with treatment,Cheap Jerseys China, some of them come at such a late stage that we are unable to do much for them.”World Cancer Day was observed on a global scale last Friday under the theme, “Teaching Children and Teenagers to limit their sun exposure by being SunSmart”. However, it is the view of Minister Ramsammy that everyone in Guyana must become involved in the fight against cancer, an epidemic that claims the life of approximately 450 persons locally, on an annual basis.

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Business operators, industry stakeholders and the general public were yesterday exposed to new bio-degradable alternatives to Styrofoam.The alternatives which include packing material and packages such as boxes and cups were displayed at an exhibition and public consultation held at the Square of the Revolution, by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the Ministry of Governance, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment.Stakeholders at the awareness symposium and exhibitionThe event is part of an effort to make persons aware of the alternative products that can be used instead of Styrofoam, given the impeding ban restricting the importation of the product in the food industry. It takes effect from January 1, 2016.Restricting the importation of Styrofoam products in the food industry is part of a large agenda,Cheap Nike Shoes Free Shipping, led by the EPA, and is aimed at addressing the very visible and not so visible impacts of Styrofoam on the environment and human health, a government statement on the event explained yesterday.The effort is also in line with having a sustainable environment in keeping with the Government of Guyana’s green and sustainable five-stage plan.The EPA will collaborate with the Ministries of Legal Affairs and Finance, via the Guyana Revenue Authority,Maglia Juventus Originale 2019, to implement the Styrofoam ban.EPA’s Executive Director,Air Max 90 Vendita Online, Dr. Indarjit Ramdass, noted that key to the implementation of this prohibition is education and awareness.“So we will attempt to have panel discussions, presentations, radio ads and TV programmes among other activities in order to inform persons of their responsibility.”He said the EPA has recognised that prior to the implementation of the ban, a standard for alternative packaging must be recommended and implemented. Whilst a national standard for Styrofoam alternative is not yet available, Dr. Ramdass assured that the agency has commenced the process.With respect to alternative products,Maglia Inter 2019, Dr. Ramdass said that the agency is promoting 100 percent bio-degradable and ‘compostable’ plant fibre-based products that meet ASTM D6868 standards. This specification covers biodegradable plastics and products (including packaging), where plastic film or sheet is attached (either through lamination or extrusion directly onto the paper) and the entire product or package is designed to be composted in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities.Some of the alternative products that the EPA recommends as alternatives to the use of Styrofoam.The alternative must also be certified by the Bio-degradable Products Institute (BPI), Dr. Ramdass said.The containers to be allowed by the EPA include aluminum, glass and recyclable plastic and paper.Addressing the stakeholders at the event, Director,Camiseta Bar?a 2018-19, EMCD,Scarpe Adidas Scontate Online, EPA, Kemraj Parsram, explained that for some time now, EPA in collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and other stakeholders, has been working towards amicable and innovative solutions to the solid waste nightmare that has too long plagued the country.Over the last two years, the EPA has contributed to this fight by implementing its litter prevention programme that sought to address the inappropriate disposal of waste. Parsram explained that yesterday’s event was part of this process. The primary objective was to facilitate the exchange of information among all interested parties that would help with the implementation of the ban. Parsram noted that though the word ban invokes a negative perception, the effort must be seen as “a unified approach to tackling the solid waste scourge.”“The ban is not taking away something, but instead provides an opportunity for us and Guyana as a whole to go down a sustainable path to fulfilling the vision of a green economy. We cannot do this alone, we need all hands on deck, collaboration and transparency is key,” he noted.Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the private sector at the event, Chairman of the Trade and Investment Sub-Committee, Ramesh Dookhoo, noted that the private sector is a friend of the environment.“You can do nothing in today’s business world without considering the environment and factor in the cost of protecting the environment in your business plan,” he said.He added that the private sector welcomes the initiative and hopes that the success of the exhibition will bring some ease and confidence to the next phase for importers and small businesses that have depended heavily on Styrofoam importation and its use and distribution.Dookhoo also warned against not putting measures to stop illegal importation of Styrofoam. “Let us not be caught in a dilemma like our Caricom sister Haiti, who has banned Styrofoam for two consecutive years, and yet it is still one of the worst environmental issues in the country. We have to put mechanisms in place to deter illegal importation,Nike Air Max Sko Dame, and ensure all stakeholders in the industry are aware of the proposed national standards for Styrofoam,” he advised.Styrofoam accounts for two percent of municipal garbage in Georgetown. It takes some 500 years to decompose. The disposal of Styrofoam products along with other materials clog the city’s drains, resulting in flooding and the proliferation of vector-borne diseases.

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Desperation does mek people do strange things. It does lead to obsession and that is why some people does run mad. Barbie ain’t far from that and he got Jagdeo moving right alongside he.De two of dem wake up Monday morning and while some people crying because dem family dead Jagdeo and Barbie sending reporters to talk to people who family dead more than 20 years ago. Dem want to write more madness bout de Waterfalls boss man who refuse to tek dem on.Suh bright and early Monday dem call a lady who brother get shoot. Dem ain’t police but dem calling. Dem boys seh that de reception that dem get mek dem drop de phone and run. De person dem talk to holler pun dem. She tell dem that if dem ain’t got nutten to do dem should lef she brother leh he rest in peace.But de story get more chowtic. De woman tell dem that she don’t want she brother name use in de stupidness that de Hard Times paper using to sell something that nobody don’t want to buy.Well Barbie gun end up in custody because de judge in de States,Nike Air Max Sko Herre, Judge Joan,China Jerseys Cheap, waiting fuh he. He lawyer land he in some trouble when he mek Barbie write and seh how de Judge rule wrang. Well she ain’t laughing. In fact,China Jerseys, she tell dem boys that January 9,Manchester United t Shirts, 2014 can’t come fast enough.But is not he alone in trouble. Ah Kneel lef to go to de Bahamas to beg de people fuh ease de pressure pun Guyana because de anti-money laundering Bill ain’t pass yet. Donald give he special instruction to go and beg de people.Ash Knee fork out de taxpayers money and send he and Paul Geer. As soon as de man land in de Bahamas he ain’t even check in at de hotel,Air Max Outlet Norge, he run to de beach front place fuh photograph dem woman in dem skimpy bikini.De man ain’t even had shame. He post he photographs pun facebook. That is wha Guyana send he to do.Talk half and don’t follow Barbie and Ah Kneel.

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As it continued the simultaneous observances of National Health Care Quality and Infection and Prevention and Control weeks, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) yesterday spearheaded an awareness exhibition at its East Street, Georgetown, car park.The event, according to Infections Control Officer, Caroline Hicks, came as part of a week-long global observance which the GPHC has for the first time embraced with a view of bringing awareness to staff and the public alike. This move, she noted, is emphasised by the theme of Infection, Prevention and Control Week – ‘Pass it on – Infection, prevention and control matters.”“Really we want to pass on the awareness of hand washing,Air Max 90 Sale Nederland, for example, which is the simplest means of preventing infection,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic,” the Infections Control Officer said.Scenes from the ongoing GPHC Quality Health Care exhibition.According to the official, infection prevention and control is an important aspect at the GPHC if quality care is to be sustained.  Hicks who has been in the Infection,Air Max 1 Scontate, Prevention and Control Department for more than two years insisted that various measures are employed by the hospital to ensure it is in an ideal place to cater to patients.“With the quality of care we give we must be able to prevent infection from moving from one patient to another, from staff to staff, staff to patient and visitors, so we have to make not only people at the hospital, but also the country at large, aware…We are looking to sensitise them all,” said Hicks.The observance which commenced on Sunday with a fitness walk is expected to continue until tomorrow. But according to Hicks, the process will not simply come to an end at the end of the week since she has assured that “I am going to personally make sure that this message will be passed on so as to ensure that the measures we are advocating for is not merely a one-time thing or just for a week.”“We don’t expect to be targeting hand washing all the time, but rather we must be free to say yes, hand washing is a regular feature here (GPHC),” said Hicks.The exhibition yesterday was supported by the Ministry of Health and officials from the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO).According to PAHO’s Senior Advisor of Sustainable Development and Environmental Health, Adrianus Vlugman, the goal of health care is to provide the best available high-quality medical services to all who need it. And the quality of health care services, he noted, is determined by standards that measure improvement of health outcomes.“Until recently, the judgment that patients are receiving high-quality medical care relied primarily on medical professionals’ judgment,” said Vlugman, who also observed that “monitoring and improvements in quality were left generally to individual physician.”Speaking to the importance of quality care, the PAHO official disclosed that hospitals,Clearance Shoes Nz, over the years, have monitored negative outcomes, such as deaths or infections to identify ways to improve the quality of care and in rare cases, medical societies were involved in physicians’ performances. However, he revealed that this situation has changed dramatically to focus also on positive feedback.“We have learned that practice patterns and the quality of medical care vary much more than many people had realized,Nike Air Max Australia Cheap, and our ability to measure the quality of care has advanced considerably.  Also clinicians are increasingly interested in having objective information about their practices, while patients want to know more about the quality of care available to them,” he explained.He disclosed that there are now sophisticated and effective methods to measure quality to help clinicians and institutions improve the quality of medical care they provide. And in order to achieve the national and institutional goals of ensuring high quality care to all patients, Vlugman said that assessments, monitoring and evaluations are required to assess and process outcomes.Added to this,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, he said, auto evaluation and continued improvement programmes must be implemented. According to him, Healthcare Quality Week, October 20-26,Cheap Jerseys From China, highlights the work of healthcare quality and patient safety professionals and their influence on improved patient care outcomes and healthcare delivery systems.As such, he said that PAHO is very pleased to join the initiative of the Standards and Technical Services Department of the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the GPHC in observance of National Healthcare Quality week.“We know there is a lot of work to be done, but we recognise and encourage the enthusiasm of young and not so young people working with limited resources to provide the best services and best quality health care to the population.”Moreover, Vlugman noted that PAHO congratulates the Health Ministry and the GPHC with organizing the exhibition to increase awareness on infection prevention and control and to communicate the voice for healthcare improvement.

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The University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC) in partnership with the Ruby’s Readers Project of North Carolina, USA,Cheap Jerseys, donated thousands of books to several institutions in Berbice on Friday.Director of UGBC, Professor Daizal Samad (right, foreground) prepares to hand over the books to the various recipients.Recipients included Salem Public Library, Stanleytown Public Library, Port Mourant Community Library, Selected Secondary Schools, IDCE, CPCE, the Felix Austin Police College ‘B’ Division, the Guyana Police Force, and the Guyana School of Nursing Berbice Branch.The books were donated to UGBC by the Ruby’s Readers Project and several other US-based organizations and persons. Dr. Jerry Jailall, who handed over the books to Professor Daizal Samad, Director of UGBC, thanked the many involved in gathering,Man Utd 3rd Kit 18/19, packing, and shipping such a large numbers of books.Dr. Jailall said that the inspiration of such help came from the enthusiasm of Professor Samad.According to Professor Samad,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, “The variety of books is simply stunning. It went from Algebra and Anthropology to Zimbabwean History and Culture.  However, not all the books were appropriate to a tertiary level institution such as UGBC. Therefore, we unpacked and sorted the books and donated to others who can most benefit: secondary school children,Jerseys NFL China, the police force,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, nurses, teacher trainees, adult learners, and the general public.”Professor Samad insisted that “one of the great joys of life is sharing the blessings that we received.  Therefore,Air Max 90 Comprar Baratas, we share, and are happy for the sharing.”In referring to Education Month and its theme “Transforming the Nation Through Inclusive Education”, Professor Samad said, “This is inclusive education in action! And actions count more than mere words.”The Director praised the work of the library staff, the groundsmen,Fc Bayern Trikot Champions League, student volunteers, and IT staff for working hard to make the ceremony a success.Mr. Sydney Tait, Head of the Stanleytown Community Library; Ms. Janice John (Acting Head of IDCE, Berbice); Ms. Beverley Baker (Head of CPCE, Johns), Mr. Cipriani (representing Port Mourant Community Library), Mr. Bhim Ramkissoon (Teacher of Tagore Secondary), and Assistant Superintendent Bacchus (representing FAPC ‘B’) were profuse in their praise of UGBC’s gesture of generosity.The event was held on the well-kept grounds of UGBC and was chaired by Mr. David Cort, Administrative Officer. (Leon Suseran)

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"We just had a sense of urgency about ourselves,Stitched Jerseys," defensive tackle Jason Hatcher said of beating Washington. "We just played with a lot of new guys back there and we knew what was at stake. We had to win this one,Jerseys NFL Cheap, and we scratched and clawed."

Cornerback Morris Claiborne might be available. The top 10 pick from 2012 has missed six of the past seven games with hamstring issues,Air Max 90 Goedkoop, and his recovery was set back when he had to leave the team after the death of his father and the birth of his child.

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Wolfe hasn't practiced since suffering a seizure-like episode Nov. 29,Cheap Jerseys Online. He made a brief appearance at practice Wednesday on his way to work out with the team's training staff and looked much lighter than his listed weight of 285 pounds,Manchester City FC Kit 2018/19.

Safety Rahim Moore underwent emergency surgery last month to fix a blood flow problem in his lower left leg and defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson went on IR with a dislocated right hip. Perennial Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey has missed 10 games with a foot injury and Fox acknowledged Wednesday that &quot,Cheap Nike Air Max Wholesale Uk;we may have rushed him a little bit&quot,NHL Jerseys Wholesale; in bringing him back Dec. 1 at Kansas City,Jerseys Wholesale.

Wolfe's ailment is one of many that have hit Denver's 25th-ranked defense.

As Wolfe walked past his fellow defensive linemen on the way to the weight room,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Terrance Knighton broke away from the group to hug him.

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A man who was shot by police during last week following a confrontation has been remanded to prison.The accused,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, 23-year-old Junior Johnson appeared before Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton yesterday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.Johnson has been charged with possession of an illegal firearm and a large quantity of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.It is alleged that on August 26 at the Berbice car park,Yeezy Scarpe Scontate, Johnson had in his possession one .25 Berretta pistol without being the holder of a valid firearm licence.It is also alleged that on the same day he had in his possession 1,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys,748 grams of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.To both charges Johnson pleaded not guilty.The prosecution,China Jerseys Cheap, however,Jerseys From China, asked that bail be refused for both charges.The facts of the matter stated that on the day in question,Wholesale NHL Jerseys 2020, Johnson was at the Berbice car park and upon seeing a police patrol he began acting in a suspicious manner.Johnson then began running from the police. During the incident,Stitched Basketball Jerseys NCAA, Johnson was shot in the right leg.Bail was refused for both charges and the accused is expected to make his next court appearance on November 21.

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…as prosecutors seek life imprisonmentEmbattled United States defence attorney,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, Robert Simels, yesterday visited the grave site of his parents two days before a Federal Judge sentences him and his assistant Arienne Irving for witness tampering and possessing an illegal wiretapping equipment.Robert SimelsSimels, the former lead attorney of Guyanese drug trafficker Shaheed ‘Roger Khan’,Jerseys NBA China, could be jailed for life tomorrow after prosecutors objected to his request for a minimum sentence.He visited his parents’ grave site at Sharon Gardens Cemetery in Vahalla, New York for two hours between noon and 2:00 pm after judge John Gleeson granted the request.Prosecutors have also objected to the court granting Simels bail pending his expected appeal of the conviction and sentence.They are seeking to a sentence between 30 months and life.The US Government has agreed that the sentence guideline is appropriate and that a custodial sentence should be imposed. Additionally, they are urging the court to deny Simels bail pending his appeal and order that he begin serving his sentence immediately after it is handed down.His assistant, Arienne Irving,China NFL Jerseys, is seeking a non-custodial sentence.The evidence throughout the four-week trial showed that Simels and Irving tried to use their client’s Guyana-based criminal organisation to identify,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, locate and tamper with individuals who they believed were potential witnesses in the Khan,Wholesale World Cup Jerseys,s trial.Beginning May 13, last year,Cheap Jerseys Fast Shipping, Simels and Irving repeatedly communicated with Selwyn Vaughn, a former member of Khan’s criminal organisation.They asked Vaughn to testify on Khan’s behalf and requested that he see about other things.Over the course of several months the defendants coordinated with Vaughn on a range of options including offering witnesses money, and performing acts of violence against them and their family members to prevent them from testifying against their client Khan.Unknown to the defendants Vaughn was cooperating with US law enforcers and he recorded the meetings during which Simels and Irving focused their attention on another cooperating witness, David Clarke.Clarke was a former senior officer of the Guyana Defence Force.On June 20 Simels gave Vaughn US$1,000 to start the plan.They agreed to pay Clarke’s girlfriend, Leslyn Comacho, US$10,Bvb Trikot Kinder,000 to give false evidence at Khan’s trial.Vaughn agreed to have Comacho collect half of the money on September 10, but agents arrived at the office and arrested Simels.The prosecution has found that Simels’s arguments for a lighter sentence has no merit.Simels had contended that since Khan got 15 years after pleading guilty, a sentence of 33 to 41 months should be granted to him.But the prosecution argued that what Simels ignored, is that there marked differences which make his conduct more egregious and worthy of a stiffer sentence.Simels’s argument was also supported by letters from fellow attorneys like his colleague Diarmuid White, who represented Khan with Simels.White wrote that he was wholly unaware of Simels’s obstructive conduct in the case until Simels was arrested.

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– 32 patients, 4 newborn evacuated(By Jenelle Carter and Mondale Smith)An early morning fire yesterday destroyed the oldest wing of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Kingston,Terza Maglia Juve 2018/19, Georgetown,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, erasing about 80 years of history.While the destruction of the original hospital building is significant all patients were safely evacuated as well as all medical staffers.As at yesterday the hospital governing board, doctors, administration, staff and Sisters of Mercy were taken up with addressing the most immediate needs of patients, their families and employees.A centenarian (right) was among those evacuated yesterdayAbout 32 patients, including four new born babies, had to be rushed to safety early yesterday morning after fire broke out at the hospital. When the blaze was extinguished the institution’s oldest and most historic building that housed several doctors’ offices, the emergency room as well as the Triage area and the outpatient department was reduced to charcoal.While the situation proved traumatic for the patients and medical staff, from all reports there were no major injuries nor lost of lives. One maintenance worker from the Hospital’s work shop amidst assisting the police to remove several nitrogen and oxygen tanks said, “I come to work at about 6:45.Then as  I was about to settle in I hear a loud boom and then a nurse started shouting ‘fire, fire’ and it was ‘scatteration’. But all the patients  get saved.”As at last evening, Fire Chief Marlon Gentle reported that the cause of the fire was not yet determined but as part of investigations, eleven staffers were being questioned and that all possible theories are being examined.Recounting events, the Fire Chief said that a distress call was received at 6:59 hours. Ranks and two fire tenders were immediately deployed to the Parade Street location to fight the blaze, he said.By the time the fire tenders arrived the entire top flat of the building was engulfed in flames and there were several explosions.The fire was contained to the one building through the best efforts of the Guyana Fire Service that included additional fire tenders. This was not enough to save the building.As the firemen battled the intense blaze ranks from the nearby Eve Leary Police Headquarters as well as trainees from the Felix Austin Training School rushed to the assistance of patients and the on duty nurses.Initially the patients hospitalized in the various wards as well as four new born and their mothers were evacuated to the nearby Police Sports Club compound and emotions ran high.But the nurses and other medical staffers ensured that the patients were tended to and comforted.Eventually some of the patients, including those in wheelchairs,Nuova Maglia Roma 2018/19, and others on beds were transported to the Guyana Red Cross Headquarters building and given the necessary care.Nurses attend to the more seriously ill patientsOnce in the building more support was given to the team of medical staff. The more critical patients were transferred to the Woodlands and other nearby hospitals.The Civil Defence Commission also did its part by making available several stretchers and cots to the patients which were used to transport the patients to other nearby hospitals.Marjorie Park, Assistant Administrator of St Joseph Mercy Hospital was in high praise that all patients were evacuated and accounted for. She also confirmed that the more critical patients have gone to Woodlands.She however lamented the fact that while they have not lost any lives they have lost 65 years of history.“This year we are going to celebrate our anniversary, nothing can replace the records that we have lost but we are thankful to our friends, neighbours and even the police who give us tremendous support.”Park added that hundreds of records and important documents belonging to doctors have been totally destroyed.Dr. Rohan Jabour said that it was only last week that he was thinking of taking his certificates down to make copies but now they are all gone. He too said he was at home preparing for work when he got news of the fire.Yesterday morning at the scene patients were being wheeled into the police compound while Ministers Robesen Benn, Clement Rohee and Dr Leslie Ramsammy  were  at the scene offering direction and working out logistics as fire and police ranks were seen  running in every direction.Minister Ramsammy pledged Governments’ support to the institution in whatever way possible.Later in the day President Bharrat Jagdeo visited the burnt out site. “We are open to any ideas to assist. The insurance company has to make its assessment but we are prepared to offer assistance be it short term or long term,” he said.Health Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said that instruction has been passed to ensure that any necessary assistance needed will be given and he noted too that pharmaceutical supplies can be made readily available to the hospital.Commenting on the impact on the St Joseph Nursing School,Maglia Inter 2019 Originale, Dr Ramsammy said that the nursing staff does not want the students to lag behind hence arrangements will be made with the Georgetown School of Nursing to see how the students can be facilitated.Meanwhile the Chief Executive Officer,Manchester United Jersey Online Sale, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital,Cheap Jerseys From China, Helen Bowman has since issued an advisory informing the public that effective from today the hospital’s outpatient services will be available from 09:00 hours at the Red Cross Building at Eve Leary,Cheap Nike Air Max Online Australia, Kingston.

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The government has made good on its promise to appeal the decision handed down by Chief Justice (ag) IanAttorney General (AG) Basil WilliamsChang,Cheap NHL Jerseys From China, which bars the Ministers Winston Felix and Keith Scott from sitting in the National Assembly as Technocrats.On Wednesday last, Attorney General (AG) Basil Williams filed a Notice of Appeal against the whole decision. The appeal against the judgment was made on six grounds. The AG is contending that the decision cannot be supported in law.  He said too that Justice Chang “fell into grave error of law and misdirected himself in law when he found that persons who are on the successful list of candidates are elected and therefore cannot qualify under Article 105 to be ‘non-elected’ members of parliament and who have not been chosen or selected from the list of candidates to be Members of Parliament are excluded from being selected by the President as persons who are qualified to be elected as members of the National Assembly”.Further,Maglia Inter 2019 Originale, Williams is contending that the CJ’s decision is fundamentally bad in law in that “the learned Chief Justice failed to take in to consideration the provisions of the Representation of the People Act,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Chapter 1:03 and the National Assembly (Validity of Elections Act),Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale, Chapter 1:04”.Williams said that Chang also misdirected himself in law when he “failed to take into account that Article 163 (4) (a) of the Constitution of Guyana empowered Parliament to make provisions with respect to the circumstances and manner in which and the conditions upon which proceedings for the determination of any question under this article may be instituted in the High Court which Parliament did by enacting the National Assembly (Validity of Elections) Act, Cap. 1:04”.Another ground upon which the appeal is being filed is that Justice Chang, at the time of delivery of the decision, was functus officio.Williams is saying as well that Chang’s decision is in breach of the rules of natural justice because he failed to give a hearing to the Attorney General before delivering his decision.Yesterday the Ministry of Legal Affairs indicated that “An application for a stay of execution against the order of the former Chief Justice (ag) Mr. Ian Chang comes up for hearing February 26,Tottenham Hotspur Jersey Sale, 2016 (today) at 9:00am before Chancellor of the Judiciary Justice Carl Singh in the Court of Appeal.”The PPP had objected to the appointment of Scott and Felix as Technocrat (expert or skilled in their field) Members of the National Assembly following last year’s General and Regional Elections.The party,Wholesale College Jerseys China, via a statement, had contended that “Articles 103 (3) and 105 of the Constitution and Laws pronouncing on the eligibility of appointment of Technocratic Ministers,China Jerseys Cheap, do not confer Technocratic status on these persons already sworn in by President David Granger as Ministers”.The matter was filed by PPP member, Desmond Morian.

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He has spent the past two years on practice squads in Arizona,Camiseta Atletico De Madrid 2018, San Francisco, the New York Jets and Atlanta.

PITTSFORD,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, N.Y. (AP) — The Buffalo Bills have signed free agent defensive back Mark LeGree to fill the roster spot left open following Mana Silva's unexcused departure.

LeGree was signed Wednesday,Wholesale Jerseys, a day after the Bills placed Silva on the exempt-left squad list. Silva left training camp without informing the Bills before practice Monday.

Silva's agent, Josh Arnold,Cheap Jerseys, said his client is re-examining his priorities after experiencing some recent personal issues.

LeGree has yet to play in the NFL after being selected by Seattle in the fifth round of the 2011 draft out of Appalachian State,Cheap Nike Air Max Wholesale. He was cut by the Seahawks before the start of his rookie season,Equipacion Real Madrid Barata.

Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys "It's anybody's guess now

"I think the dome has served its purpose, but I'll say this: I'm not going to support tearing it down and then covering the hole with $20 million in dirt and a parking lot," he said. "If that's all,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, it can just stand there."

"We will wait to see what the consensus of Commissioners Court is before we decide what to do with the Dome," another commissioner, El Franco Lee, said.

HOUSTON (AP) — The Houston Astrodome's obituary may have been written when voters rejected a $217 million bond proposal to renovate it, but some Harris County commissioners who will decide its ultimate fate said Wednesday it's possible that burial for the city's landmark structure is still some time away,Cheap Shoes From China Wholesale, if it comes at all.

"I know we'd like to see resolution and something done before the Super Bowl in 2017, whether demolition or rehabilitation or whatever it may be," Morman said. "It's not a deal breaker."

But he said thousands of people who have moved into the booming Houston area don't have an emotional connection to the structure, while others don't want to pay higher taxes to keep it.

Besides MLB and NFL games, the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was held under the 208-foot-high roof, along with concerts and other events such as the 1992 Republican National Convention.

"It's anybody's guess now," Steve Radack, one of the five members of the Harris County Commissioners Court, said.

"Unless it's very much out of the blue, I would not expect any action," Commissioner Jack Morman said Wednesday. "But I would say in the near future, maybe in the next couple of months.

Even while still standing, some $8 million worth of work is continuing to get rid of asbestos and remove old ticket booths and parapet-like walkways on the outside edge of the stadium.

"That's not going to happen," Radack said.

"We can't allow the once-proud Astrodome to sit like a rusting ship in the middle of a parking lot. This was the best effort (to revamp the stadium),Arsenal Fc Jersey 2019, and voters have turned it down,China Jerseys," Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, who chairs the county governing board, said Tuesday night as the outcome became clear. "Commissioners Court will have to make a decision on where to go from here."

"This was the best alternative we were presented with to avoid demolition," he said. "Is there another Plan B feasible? No."

Still, he said demolition,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys China, while now the "only alternative" before the panel, may be likely but not immediate.

While structurally sound, the Astrodome has fallen into disrepair. Its most prominent use in recent years was as a shelter for Louisiana residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Harris County residents voted 53 to 47 percent Tuesday to reject a referendum that would have authorized bonds to turn the former home of pro baseball's Houston Astros and pro football's Houston Oilers into a giant convention and event center.

Studies in recent years have estimated that the cost of demolishing the Astrodome to be as much as $78 million. Radack said he understood it would cost about $20 million to fill the hole left behind.

But the Astrodome hasn't been home to a sports team since 1999 and has been closed to all events since 2009. The rodeo's home is now next door at the more modern Reliant Stadium, where the NFL's Houston Texans also play. Reliant Stadium was the site of the 2004 Super Bowl and will host the game again in 2017.

"Believe me, you're going to have a whole lot of people who have a lot to say how historic it is," Radack said. "The whole thing will recycle again with the same arguments that were occurring."

And a quick decision or start to the demolition of the world's first air-conditioned domed stadium,Arsenal Fc Shop Uk, dubbed the "Eighth Wonder of the World"?

The panel's next scheduled session is next week.

"All this big attachment people claim to have, and I'm sure some do, you can see it doesn't translate into big groundswell of support," Radack said. "That's for sure."

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The same top 10 teams, albeit in a different order,Cheap Jordans Free Shipping, remained this week: Cincinnati, Kansas City,Jerseys NFL China, Indianapolis, New Orleans and Arizona.

"Counting down the days until we find out what happens to Mike Shanahan,Wholesale Jerseys From China," Bob Glauber of Newsday said of the Redskins.

At the bottom were Houston with a mere 12 points, and Washington,Maglia Milan Puma, with 29. Both division winners last season,Cheap Nike NFL Store, the Texans are 2-13, the Redskins 3-12.

"Might as well close out this debacle of a season in style," Kaufman said of the Texans,Maglia Juventus Bambino, who have lost 13 in a row.

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The National Assembly has been supplied with copies of a critical report compiled by the Office of the Ombudsman on criminal charges filed by police in 2007 against three senior managers of the New Building Society (NBS).According to a statement from the office of Ombudsman, Justice Winston Moore,Tottenham Shirt 2018/19, the copies of the report are for the purpose of laying them before the National Assembly.“I have also decided to publish the report in the public interest. My decision to do so at this time is partly influenced by publication of erroneous statements made about findings supposedly made by me in the said report. I trust that the persons concerned and interested members of the public will now read the report and see for themselves what I have written,” the statement said.The report pertains to an official complaint made to the Ombudsman’s office in January by former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NBS, Maurice Arjoon.Arjoon, in his complaint, said he and two managers, Kissoon Baldeo, and Kent Vincent,Wholesale Jerseys China, were deliberately and maliciously charged by police for a $69M fraud committed in late 2006.Arjoon said that he believed that the trumped-up fraud charges, later dismissed in the Magistrates’ Court, stemmed from his refusal to lend $2B for the construction of the Berbice River Bridge.Government had been seeking financing for the project. Arjoon reportedly told his Board of Directors that the regulations barred the institution from lending that much. NBS voted to invest $350M in the project.Arjoon claimed that his refusal to illegally lend the $2B angered former President Bharrat Jagdeo, who was in power at that time.Arjoon,Nike Air Max Online Ireland, who has been insisting his innocence from day one,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, said in his complaints that over seven years were taken away from his life.Justice Moore,Cheap Jordan Shoes Australia, who has sweeping powers to investigate abuse by public officers, hired former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Henry Chester,Cheap Nike Shoes Free Shipping, DSM, who, in reviewing a copy of the police files, found that based on the evidence, there was no way that the three men could have been charged.The police files did not include a key exhibit.The men were sacked by NBS in 2006. Arjoon has filed a high court action to overturn the decision of NBS to dismiss him saying that he lost his benefits as a result.The explosive report raised serious questions about the rush by the police to lay charges; the role of the Director of Public Prosecutions, and the role played by the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana.The publication of excerpts of the report has seen Minister of Labour, Dr. Nanda Gopaul, denying that he had a conversation with the former CEO that Jagdeo was upset with him.The Minister was a former Board member and Chairman of NBS.Gopaul also questioned whether the Ombudsman even had jurisdiction to examine the complaint.However,Liverpool FC New Jersey 2018/19, the Ombudsman in a recent statement insisted that Gopaul should read the report.

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– PM reveals cause of death as pulmonary aspirationA post mortem examination conducted on the remains of the six-month-old Sophia baby,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, who died on Monday, last, revealed that the infant died of pulmonary aspiration; this is commonly referred to….when food or liquid “going down the wrong pipe”.This newspaper previously reported that the baby had nothing to eat except a small amount of tea given to him by his older brother during the 24 hours his mother was absent from the home. According to a neighbour – who supplied the tea to the older brother – he told her that upon feeding the child with a small amount of tea, he regurgitated it and “he say how he drink de rest”.“I am deeply saddened to know that we have lost yet another baby in a situation that could have been avoided,” said Director of Child Care Ann Greene, on Wednesday last.Faced with the question of whether a social worker was deployed to work in the community, Greene responded, “Too much is being left for the agency to do. Child Protection is a job for the family,Cheap Authentic Jerseys Free Shipping, the community and professionals working together for the betterment and care of children all across Guyana.”She said that there are not enough, and she does not think there will ever be enough social workers to tackle every situation that occurs in homes, so the Ministry will always need the assistance of citizens to effectively do its job.“A neighbour shouldn’t go to bed knowing that the children next door didn’t get anything to eat,Air Max 90 Pas Cher Site Francais,” she added.Greene said that in cases like those, adult neighbours and community members could simply contact the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security’s hotline numbers and make reports of the situation so that the Ministry could be of assistance.She said that the Ministry is now conducting its own investigation into the matter so as to protect the remaining children.When asked what strategies will be implemented to limit the possibility of situations of this nature, Greene said that among other things, the Ministry will seek to raise community awareness and levels of responsibility for each child in the community.The dead infant’s mother,Nike Air Max 90 Goedkoop Nederland, Robin Moore, 30, and her 14-year-old son, are still in police custody while the remaining children between the ages of nine and one are staying with a relative who also lives in Sophia.Police, on Monday evening, detained a Sophia mother of six in relation to the death of her six-month-old baby boy. Ranks that launched an investigation into the matter are of the belief that the infant’s death most likely resulted from starvation and neglect.Moore told investigating ranks that she left her ‘E’ Field Sophia home on Sunday last around 17:45 hours in search of money. She said that she was forced to leave her children behind in the care of their eldest sibling, the 14 year-old.She said that upon her return,Air Jordan Pas Cher France, 24 hours later, the baby,Air Max Canada Sale, whose only name was given as “Two-Two”, was motionless.Moore said that as she returned home she immediately went to the baby – who she thought was asleep,Borussia Dortmund Fanshop, and began her failed attempt to breastfeed him. She later realized he was dead.

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When most people hear the term domestic violence, they usually associate it with physical violence against a spouse. But there is the other side of domestic violence.Guyana has had it fair share of suicides and attempted suicides and in most cases the victims are women. But within recent times, the phenomenon has moved to include more men trying to escape from their responsibilities as well as escape the torment of infidelity on the part of their spouses.Two cases at the Georgetown Public Hospital within the past week bring home the point.On November 18 last,Camiseta Aleix Vidal, Ronald Ramnauth, 42, ingested two carbide tablets reportedly because he could not face the insult resulting from his reputed wife having an affair.Kaieteur News understands that following a heated argument at his Lot Six,Wholesale Jerseys, Area B Cummings Lodge home, Ramnauth sent his wife downstairs and proceeded to ingest the poisonous tablets. He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he subsequently died.And on the same day Jeremy Jemmott, 23, took a toxic dose of gramoxone following a problem with his girlfriend.A leading social worker who did not wish to be named said that while persons commit suicide to escape their suffering,China Jerseys Cheap, others do so to inflict suffering.“Some of these men see suicide as the easy way out. I don’t know the exact circumstances of these matters but from what I am gathering both men appeared to want to inflict pain on their spouses,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys,” said the official.He said that while the Welfare Department of the Ministry of Human Services is doing everything it could, there is very little that the staff could do to prevent suicide.He pointed to the need for more social workers in the high risk communities where poverty leads to circumstances like suicides.There are cases where men would also commit suicide to escape the law after inflicting grievous bodily harm on a spouse or in cases where they have killed them.The police have had to place several prisoners under suicide watch and in the absence of social workers to work with these inmates, the task of the police becomes more difficult.“We try to pass them through the courts as quickly as possible so that they can be remanded to prison where the possibility of encountering social workers is greater,China NFL Jerseys,” said a police officer.The social worker said that the welfare department will be adopting strategies to deal with what could turn out to be an increase of male suicides.“After all, the family,Cheap Shoes Wholesale China Free Shipping, including the children,Maillot Coupe Du Monde 2018 2 Etoiles, will suffer,” the social worker said.

Cheap NFL Jerseys For Sale and will return to court on July 30.

A 31-year-old Brazilian yesterday appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson to answer the charge of simple larceny. He knew enough English to be able to understand and answer the charge.Andre Farias, a computer technician, was taken to court by Brian Allen, who for some time now has been giving Farias lodging at his own Campbellville home.It is alleged that the Brazilian, on July 20, last,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, stole a quantity of items; clothing articles ($125,NFL Jerseys From China,000), toiletries ($25,000) and diskettes ($25,000) from Brian Allen.Other reports given by Allen states, that Farias on Wednesday last was at a function with him (Allen), and that he (Farias) had stolen a digital camera.After these accusations Farias reportedly went back to the Campbellville residence, where ‘he ransacked the wardrobe’.Farias’s version of the story goes that he had mistakenly packed one pair of jeans, three shirts and a bottle of deodorant into his suitcase,Cheap Jerseys From China, seemingly to travel back to Brazil.He claims that he doesn’t know where the allegations for the other articles come from,Wholesale MLB Jerseys Pro Shop, and that he was giving Allen money as compensation for what he had ‘mistakenly’ taken. “I give him $45,Cheap NFL Jerseys For Sale,000…I do not know where all these $170,Cheap Nike Air Max Wholesale,000 come from.”Allen said that he had taken in Farias as a favour to a friend of his ‘he begged me to take him in…After no one else wanted to,NFL Jerseys From China, I took him in’.Farias, after the alleged first theft on Wednesday last, moved away from the Campbellville house.Allen had been in search of him since then, and reportedly spotted him somewhere on Robb Street yesterday.The Brazilian was remanded to prison, and will return to court on July 30.

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– rank to be court martialedThe Guyana Defence Force has recovered the AK-47 assault rifle which had disappeared during a recent training exercise at Makouria.A brief statement from the army’s Public Relations Department said that a search party, “using metal detectors and similar devices,Jordan 10 Retro Australia,” found the weapon yesterday in the training area that had not been previously searched.The release indicated that the rank who had lost the weapon will be court martialed.The statement did not identify the type of firearm or the area in which it was found.However,Cheap Shoes From China Wholesale, Kaieteur News had reported in its Wednesday edition that a team of investigators from the GDF had travelled to the Makouria area to probe the loss of another AK-47 assault rifle. The weapon was reported missing,Man Utd Kit 18/19, on Tuesday morning,Wholesale Shoes China, following the completion of the Guyana Defence Force ‘Iron Man Course’ for Infantry soldiers.According to reports, the weapon was in the possession of one of the infantry soldiers immediately prior to its loss.An army source told this newspaper that the infantry contingent, numbering 48 ranks,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, arrived at the GDF training base at Makouria on Saturday for the exercise. They left camp on Monday night and returned to base early yesterday morning.The source said that the rank who was in possession of the weapon did not return to the camp with the main contingent but was subsequently located.He reported to his superiors that he had lost his weapon during the exercise.“He reported that the weapon fell in the bush,Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Mens,” the source told this newspaper.The entire contingent turned back and retraced their steps but the weapon was not found.This led to investigators from Army Headquarters Camp Ayanganna travelling to the area to find out what really transpired. The loss of the weapon came just weeks after the army recovered two of its assault rifles that were stolen from Camp Ayanganna in February 2004.The two weapons along with an UZI submachine gun were found in the possession of a Canje,Cheap Nike NFL Store, Berbice man who has since been remanded to prison.

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Fire of unknown origin early yesterday morning gutted the popular Black Face nightspot and snackette located at 113 Half Mile Wismar.The destroyed propertyThe business place had reportedly closed up shop around 22:00 hours following a blackout on Wismar.Oscar Sampson,Cheap Jerseys, who lives next door, said that he was awakened shortly after two, by noises in the street,Cheap Liverpool Shirts, and shouts of fire. He said that he quickly went outside to investigate, and was shocked to see fire emanating from the business place next door.Several persons called the fire service, it was reported, but by the time the truck arrived the upper flat where the fire started was engulfed.Although the firemen fought valiantly to contain the blaze, their efforts were severely impeded by the absence of fire hydrants. Thus it was that the truck was forced to make several trips to source water, and then return to battle with the raging fire.Sampson’s house which is located to the west of the Black Face night spot had to be doused to prevent the fire from spreading, and the family had to eventually run out of the building to escape the intense heat. Several windows were broken as a result of the heat.Sampson said that he was thankful to God,Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys, and also the fire service for helping to save his house from further damage.The Bosai fire tender was on the scene rendering assistance, but it too had an initial setback after it was discovered that there was no gasoline to activate the pump which would have pumped the water.Gasoline was soon sourced however, and the two tenders battled the raging fire,Man Utd 3rd Kit 18/19, which was finally contained, more than two hours later.Neighbours and public-spirited citizens succeeded in saving a freezer, an ice making machine, some chairs and tables and beverages before the inferno engulfed the lower flat,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, which housed the night spot and snackette. The upper flat which was once a guest house, was reportedly occupied by the caretaker, known as Ben.Initially, many persons who converged on the scene, thought that Ben was trapped in the upper flat, and called out for him frantically, but got no response. Ben eventually turned up at the scene a few hours later to the relief of his worried friends and neighbours.Nigel Williams, the nephew of the proprietor, and who sometimes overlooked the business for his uncle, said that he received a phone call around three yesterday morning informing him of the fire,Jerseys NFL Cheap, but by the time he got there the inferno had already engulfed the place.The proprietor, Thomas Giddings, is currently in New York,Maillot Psg 2019 Ext��rieur, where he reportedly visits frequently. Williams could not estimate the total loss.Residents of Wismar have repeatedly been calling on the relevant authorities to establish a fire station on that shore, or at the very least, place more fire hydrants at strategic points to ensure easy sourcing of water in cases of fire.

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"In Bayern M��nchen t-Shirt Damen fact, Wholesale Authentic Jerseys the first thing Mr. Chelsea Fc Jersey Cheap O'Neill did, according to Martin himself, was to pull Martin aside to counsel him on Anthony DeSclafani Jersey how to put an end to unwanted verbal abuse," Nike Air Max Online Ireland Scarola said.
The Dolphins declined to comment.

Wholesale Soccer Jerseys

O'Boyle Cristian Ansaldi Jersey now is the Cheap Jerseys offensive Cheap Baseball Jerseys Nike line coach at Discount NFL Jerseys Southern Illinois and Smith is retired.
O'Boyle said he believes information that could have helped his defense was not considered during the investigation. He declined Cheap Air Max 90 Online to elaborate.

Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys while seated in the court corridor

Members of ‘Team Benschop’ flocked the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts yesterday to witness theCharged: Albert Cromwellarraignment of a Kitty resident, who is alleged to have brutalized one of their supporters.Appearing before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan was 48-year-old Albert Cromwell also known as ‘Bulldog’, of Dowding Street, Kitty, Georgetown. It is alleged that on Monday, February 15, at Lot 26 Dowding Street, Cromwell unlawfully wounded Iqbal Rahim.Cromwell was released on $60,000 bail after pleading not guilty to the charge that was read to him by City Magistrate Dylon Bess.The prosecution facts stated that the alleged victim is a part-time supervisor for flag and posters, and that on the day in question, he was performing his duties. The court was told that Rahim was placing posters on a utility pole when he was confronted by the defendant.According to the Prosecution, Cromwell tried to prevent the victim form putting up posters and pulled the ladder on which he was standing,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, off the pole. As a result the defendant fell to the ground and received injuries.Cromwell who had no legal representation told the court,Air Max Pas Cher En Ligne, “I didn’t pull the comrade off the ladder, I know him for two years”.Rahim, who resides Lot 236 David Street,Cheap Nike Shoes Free Shipping, Kitty, told Magistrate Bess that he and Cromwell were friends before this incident.The prosecutor requested that the defendant be placed on a bond to be on good behaviour. ButAlleged victim:Iqbal Rahimthe court refused to issue a bond and ordered the defendant to stay away from Rahim.Yesterday, while seated in the court corridor,Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys, Rahim told reporters that he was up on a ladder putting up flags when he saw his attacker. “He (Cromwell) was riding a bicycle and saying that ‘um…no you can’t do that…you can’t put up flags in my place’. I seh ok hold on… I coming down,Jerseys Wholesale, let I talk to he.”Rahim said that before he could have stepped off the ladder, Cromwell started to shake it and he fell on to the ground. “I aint even get to start come down. The man (Cromwell) pelt down his bicycle in a corner and he hold the ladder and he rock it. And I fell off the ladder. I get like blackout. I hear people talking…but I couldn’t get up”.Rahim said that he and the defendant worked at the AFC office. He stated that he knows of no reason why Cromwell attacked him since they have never had any problems before.Meanwhile, leader of ‘Team Benschop’, Mark Benschop,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who was present for the court hearing,Terza Maglia Milan 2018/19, has denounced the actions against the independent party. Benschop maintained that his Team will not be intimidated by such attacks.

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Two gun-toting bandits attacked and robbed a grocer/businessman who was conducting a transacting with a customer Saturday night.The robbery was carried out in Rect-Door Zee,Wholesale Jerseys China, Parfait Harmony at 21:00 hrs. Reports reveal that two men,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, who were not masked,Camisetas Fc Barcelona Baratas, brandished handguns. One proceeded to rob and search the businessman while the other bandit held a porter at gunpoint at the rear of the vehicle.It was further disclosed that the men relieved the businessman of all his valuables and an undisclosed amount of cash that was in the vehicle. The bandits then made good their escape on foot.According to a source,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, the businessman described his assailants to the police. Residents in the area are concerned about what seems to be an escalation of robberies and theft in the area. They are calling on the police to patrol the scheme.A report was made to the La Grange Police Station and police visited the scene the same night,Basket Jordan Junior Pas Cher, however,Cheap Jerseys, no one was arrested.

Cheap NFL Gear /GuySuCo Arbitration Award

…as Witter issues ultimatum to Benn, GuySuCo management General Secretary (ag) of the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC), Norris Witter, yesterday said that in light of the alarming deteriorating economic, social and general quality of life in Guyana, his union will provide the necessary leadership to the populace when it reaches a boiling point.Witter in an appeal to the nation during a press briefing held at the Critchlow Labour College’s Boardroom said, “The GTUC wishes to put the question to the Guyanese. Are you satisfied with your quality of life…Are you satisfied with the quality of governance? … If the answers are ‘no’, you can make the change.At yesterday’s press briefing,Chaussure Jordan Pas Cher Femme, the GTUC General Secretary (ag) sought to deal with two priority issues in depth, namely the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) and the current debacle involving the striking Air Traffic Controllers and the position of the Minister of Transport and Hydraulics, Robeson Benn.ATC StrikeAccording to Witter, the utterances by Benn were irresponsible and provocative. As such,Cheap Nike Air Max Ireland, the GTUC has demanded a withdrawal of the statement.In a message to the striking workers,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, Witter said that the union wished to assure them “that we are in solidarity with them in their just and valiant struggle.In the same breath, however, he emphasised that the GTUC was urging all workers to be in a state of readiness to take appropriate action were Minister Benn to effectuate his threat.On Tuesday, Benn in a press briefing described the industrial action by the ATCs as illegal, adding that alternative plans will be put in place if the workers failed to resume their operation by late Wednesday.He had said that Guyana could be forced into a position that would only allow for daytime landings and takeoffs,Borussia Dortmund Fanshop, which could be adequately controlled without the 15 controllers who have taken strike action.GuySuCo.As it relates to GuySuCo, Witter told media operatives that nobody could dispute the fact that if GuySuCo were to survive it cannot be business as usual and a national response is required to salvage what is left of the industry.He noted that even President Jagdeo at a recent press conference “in commenting on the state of GuySuCo is reported to have said that what is required to turn GuySuCo around is the support of stakeholders- the management ,workers,Maillot De Foot Pas Cher, union and opposition- rather than criticisms.”Witter posited however that subsequent events have cast doubts on the sincerity of his (Jagdeo) statements consigning it to his usual rhetoric.He noted that the composition of the Interim Board set up to turn around the sugar company which is responsible for some 15 per cent of the country’s GDP was questionable in that they were all PPP         (People’s Progressive Party) loyalists.This, he added, was in light of the fact that there is a large pool of highly competent and experienced people who would have been willing to serve,Neues Bayern Trikot 2018/19, possibly pro bono, to salvage the rapidly sinking ship but that these have not even been consulted.“This looming national disaster required a truly national response. President Jagdeo has not only missed the boat but has also lost an opportunity to demonstrate vision and statesmanship.”The second issue he dealt with as it relates to GuySuCo was the payment of Sugar Workers’ Annual Production Incentive. He noted that the reluctance of GuySuCo to pay the sugar workers 8.79 days’ pay as Annual Production Incentive for 2008 is an act of ‘bad faith’ and recklessness on the part of the management.“It is tragic that the management of GuySuCo will engage in actions that will lead to confrontation and disharmony at a time when President Jagdeo is appealing for corporation support.”As such, the GTUC demanded that GuySuCo honour the Agreement between GAWU and GuySuCo and pay the sugar workers forthwith.On the issue of the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU)/GuySuCo Arbitration Award, Witter said that the 2.1 per cent one-off payment to sugar workers for 2008 stands threatened with the recent unexplained action by GuySuCo to renege on their agreement with GAWU to pay sugar workers 8.79 days’ pay as Annual Production Incentive for 2008.“The GTUC urges the workers and their union to demand the payment forthwith….The one off payment should be free of tax given, among other things, the delay in payment.”When asked to respond to the company’s position that it was cash strapped and could not meet the demands of the workers, Witter said that GuySuCo and GAWU had entered into an agreement which took cognizance of the level of production of sugar workers which give rise to the agreement to pay the 8.79 days’ pay as Annual Production Incentive for 2008.He posited that for the sugar company to now say that it is not in a position is reckless and irresponsible.A senior official within GuySuCo, when asked for a comment, responded on the basis of anonymity,Maglia Milan 2018/19, saying that the company would not respond thus giving prominence to a discredited organization and union representative.Late yesterday, the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers’ Union said that GuySuCo was prepared to pay the incentive.(See other story)

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The Essequibo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) which has been dormant for some time has received a breath of fresh air in the guise of a newly elected executive body.Representing the Private Sector Commission at the elections held last Saturday during the Annual General Meeting was Mr. Roubinder Rambarran. Rambarran stood in for chairman of the PSC Mr. Ramesh Dookhoo. Rambarran told the assembly of the recent accomplishments of the PSC and provided context for the role of the PSC in strengthening the Private Sector at large. Among the initiatives the PSC Representative expounded upon he focused on the body’s pursuit of partnerships with businesses in Brazil. He also took the opportunity to urge the ECCI to work closely with the PSC to promote the private sector in Essequibo.The elected President,Air Max Canada Online, Mr. Tiwari Ramkellawan, responded in kind by promising his support for the Private Sector Commission. He also acknowledged the responsibility that comes with his new role and pledged to build on the achievements of the ECCI and its past presidents as well as to introduce new initiatives to move the business sector in Essequibo forward.From L to R: Ms. Suean Sewnarayan (Secretary),Jordan Pas Cher Homme France, Mr. Tiwari Ramkellawan (President),Basket Adidas Pas Cher France, Ms. Maria Lord-Lewis (Treasurer),Man Utd Kit 18/19, Ms. Gene Amsterdam (Assist. Secretary/Treasurer), Mr. Ryan Vanslytman (PR Officer) & Mr. Roubinder Rambarran (PSC)Those elected to serve as  executive members are Mr. Tiwari Ramkellawan (Neal & Massy (Guy) Limited – President, Mr. Thakechand Ramnauth (retired teacher) – Vice President, Ms. Suean Seewnarayan (Medical Transcriptionist) –Secretary, Ms. Gene Amsterdam (retired educationist), – Assistant Secretary/Treasurer, Ms. Maria Lord-Lewis (Businesswoman) – Treasurer,Nike Air Max Halvalla, Mr. Ryan Vanslytman (Alfro Alfonso & Sons) – Public Relations Officer.The Executive Council was also elected and those members are as follows: Ms. Loran Gomes (GTM), Mr. Natram Ramnanan (Original Juice Centre), Mattadeen Etwaroo (General Store),Cheap Shoes From China Wholesale, Mohamed Nazmul (Wild Life Exporter), Jainarine Singh (Distributor), Hazrat Khan (Demerara Bank Limited),Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Nalini Dindial (Fishing & Fishing Supplies), Ganesh Jaigobin (Supermarket & Distributor), Gaitree Ramsamooj (Republic Bank Limited).

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Although fearful that the justice system has been compromised, a man is now seeking to file criminal charges against the President of the Guyana Bar Association,Stitched NCAA Jerseys, Mr. Gamal Khan.According to Ansar Alladin, of 55 Public Road, La Grange, West Bank Demerara, he was both verbally and physically attacked by the lawyer at a mosque simply because he failed to remove his vehicle at the lawyer’s request.Recounting the incident, yesterday, Alladin said that he along with a number of other drivers had parked in such a way that the lawyer could not have entered the compound of the mosque,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, a state of affairs which evidently angered him.The incident occurred even as service at the La Grange Mosque was ongoing to commemorate a national Muslim holiday during the latter part of last year.Alladin said that the lawyer was so abusive in his request that he was not very willing to respond. This, he said,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, was coupled with the fact that a few other vehicles would have had to move in order to grant the lawyer access.“He came late that morning and I was in the mosque and someone told me that I should move my car and it was then I realised it was Mr. Khan who wanted me to move…Two cars were on the bridge and a third car was in the way too so I said uncle Gamal if I move you can only get my space so you will have to talk to the other people too…”The lawyer, according to Alladin,Buy Air Max 90, was evidently annoyed that he was missing an important part of the service and started to use threatening language. “He said to me if I don’t move the car ‘you gonna see what will happen to you today’,” related Alladin.This, the 21-year-old said, caused him to completely defy Khan’s request and return to the service.The end of the matter was not to be as yet since according to Alladin the man proceeded to interrupt the congregation by yelling to him “‘I said move your car now or else you gonna see what will happen’.”In an attempt to appease the situation another member of the mosque decided to relieve Alladin of his keys in order to move the car. Other members also sought to move their cars as well thereby allowing Khan to take his car to the desired spot.Following the service Alladin said that he approached the man and said, “You know there are better ways to deal with things?” This was however met with another bout of verbal abuse, which according to Alladin, also saw the lawyer preparing to do battle.Before he knew it, the young man said that the lawyer dealt him a blow to his face which prompted one of his uncles to intervene.The matter was subsequently reported to the police and both men were charged and were required to attend court for the matter to be heard. The lawyer got two charges for threatening behaviour and for causing actual bodily harm.  Alladin said that he was charged for threatening behaviour too.According to the man’s father, Saeed Rahman Alladin,Jerseys NFL China, from all indications justice was “blindfolded” since nothing came out of the matter. This result, he said,Maglia Inter Nuova, was however predicted by the lawyer, who he said,Cheap Jerseys China, had warned that nothing would come of the matter since he (the lawyer) knew the presiding Magistrate.“That is one of the reasons that people does do wrong things in this country…” said the senior Alladin.He said that not only were the charges struck out against the lawyer but the matter was eventually dismissed by the presiding Magistrate for “want of prosecution.”The younger Alladin was not in court when the matter was called. He explained that he was 15 minutes late.The expectation was that the Magistrate would have put down the matter for later that morning.Saeed Alladin said that he has since been advised to file criminal charges against the lawyer since it is his belief that if the lawyer is not penalised for his action it is likely that his behaviour will continue unabated.He said that ahead of having his lawyer file criminal charges against the lawyer he was advised to publicise the incident in the hope that there is not a repeat of the lack of justice.

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Although he struggled early this season,Maillot Coupe Du Monde 2018 2 Etoiles, Helton is now hitting .244. And while his bat may have been slow to come around,Air Max 90 Sale Nederland, his glove has remained highly dependable as he scoops anything in his vicinity. Helton is a three-time Gold Glove winner. He has a career fielding percentage of .996, which is among the all-time best for a first baseman.

"I am sure come next February, probably even in December when it's usually time to start getting ready, it will be tough. I don't know how I am going to react. It will be weird. But I have other things in my life besides baseball."

His final game at Coors Field will be Sept. 25 against the Boston Red Sox, the team that swept the Rockies during the 2007 World Series. The final game of his career will be on Sept. 29 in Los Angeles against the Dodgers.

Helton had one of the biggest hits in team history, a walk-off homer against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sept. 18, 2007, that ignited their Rocktober run to the World Series.

Helton is a career .317 hitter and has 367 home runs, 1,397 RBIs, 1,394 runs, a .415 on-base percentage and a .539 slugging percentage in 2,235 career games. He was an All-Star from 2000 to 2004 and will end his career as the Rockies' leader in games, hits, doubles, home runs, RBIs, runs and walks.

Helton was a first-round pick out of the University of Tennessee in 1995. In addition to playing baseball for the Volunteers, Helton also was the quarterback before eventually giving way to Peyton Manning, who won a Super Bowl with the Indianapolis Colts before joining the Denver Broncos last season. Helton and Manning remain good friends.

The Denver Post first reported the story.

"For 17 years number '17' has been the icon of Colorado Rockies baseball," Rockies owner Dick Monfort said in a statement. "Todd will be missed and our hope is he will be a part of our Colorado baseball family for many more years to come."

In February, Helton found himself in the news when he was charged with driving under the influence and careless driving, but prosecutors dropped those charges under a plea deal. He was sentenced to a year of probation along with 24 hours of community service.

PHOENIX (AP) — Todd Helton will retire at the end of the season after spending 17 years with the Colorado Rockies and setting franchise records in nearly every offensive category,Cheap NFL Jerseys.

The 40-year-old first baseman's decision was announced after a 9-2 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks Saturday night. Almost fittingly, he had a double in his only hit of the night, the 586th of his career.

Earlier this month, Helton became the 96th player in major league history to reach the 2,nba jerseys discount,500-hit milestone. According to the Rockies, he joins Hall of Famer Stan Musial as the only players in major league history with at least 2,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale,500 hits, 550 doubles, 350 home runs and a .310 or higher career batting average.

"If I could play 81 games at home next year, I could do it. I could do it for a couple of more years," Helton told The Denver Post on Saturday. "And if they had the games scheduled for the same time so I could get a sleeping pattern, I would have a chance.

Helton has been bothered by back trouble in recent years, hitting a career-low .238 in 2012 and leading to speculation that this could be his final season in purple pinstripes.

During a recent series in the Mile High City,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly chatted about Helton, saying "I hate seeing him up there late in the game, with the game on the line. I really don't want Todd up there. He's had a couple of 10- or 11-pitch at-bats where he ends up hitting a homer or a double or something.

"He's had an unbelievable career."

Maglie Serie a 2018/19 and the Dolphins wore worried looks

"Any time you can give young players an extra chance to play in a game, they grow," Garrett said. "With an extra preseason game,Cheap Nike Air Max Wholesale, it makes sense to give those young guys an opportunity to play."

CANTON,Camisetas Fc Barcelona Baratas, Ohio (AP) — Playing in the Hall of Fame game offers some benefits, even though most teams could do without five exhibition matches and an extra chance for key guys to get hurt.

2. MIAMI MISTAKES: This was the Miami Unsound Machine until very late in the game. A botched handoff from starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill to Lamar Miller on the team's first offensive play set up Tanner's TD. Then Bumphis, who otherwise had a strong game with five catches for 85 yards, misplayed Moore's pass and Holloman took it the other way. Those were the only turnovers.

3. COMMUNICATING IN BIG D: Even though the Cowboys are converting to a 4-3 alignment under new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, things looked pretty smooth for most of the game.

And when the Dolphins had a shot in the final minutes, they allowed a 32-yard completion from Alex Tanney to Jared Green, leading to Lawrence's 7-yard TD spurt.

"I thought we handled the mechanics of the game real well," Garrett said.

Holloman, a sixth-round pick from South Carolina, was perfectly situated when rookie Chad Bumphis had Matt Moore's pass go off his hands in the second quarter. Holloman sped down the left sideline for a 75-yard score.

Tanner did the bulk of the early work and finished with 59 yards rushing and a touchdown. Joseph Randle handled the late duty and had 70 yards. Dunbar added 22 on just four carries as Dallas piled up 170 yards rushing even with top running back DeMarco Murray idle.

And for the Dolphins, it was a sloppy mess, not nearly as close as the final score.

Here are five reasons the Cowboys left Fawcett Stadium with reasons to smile, and the Dolphins wore worried looks:

5. CANTON IS NOT A GOOD PLACE FOR DOLPHINS: Miami is now 0-4 in the Hall of Fame game, also having lost in 1978 to Philadelphia,Nike NFL Jerseys For Sale, 2001 to St. Louis, and 2005 to Chicago. But here's something for Dolphins fans to cherish: The team finished with a winning record in all of those seasons.

Sure,China Jerseys, Parcells also ran the front office for the Dolphins for a short time, but his connection with the Cowboys as an on-field boss was much stronger.

"We're trying to get an identity as a group," Tanner said. "We had 'Coach' DeMarco on the sideline telling us to just go out and play."

1. YOUTH SHALL BE SERVED: Although a few Dallas regulars got onto the field for some snaps, the night was all about getting a look at dozens of untested players. Among those who stood out while Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Jason Witten and Sean Lee looked on from the sideline were rookie linebacker Devonte Holloman; inexperienced running backs Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar, plus rookies Joseph Randle and Kendial Lawrence; and rookie linebacker Taylor Reed.

Even though offensive coordinator Bill Callahan is calling plays now instead of head coach Jason Garrett, well, things looked pretty smooth for most of the game.

4. HALL OF FAME INSPIRATION: The Cowboys wanted to show their best stuff — at least as much as they could with so few veterans playing — in front of former offensive lineman Larry Allen and former coach Bill Parcells, who were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday.

For the Dallas Cowboys, their 24-20 victory Sunday night over Miami was all about the kids.

"We talked a lot about taking the ball away, we've talked a lot about ball security, and we've spent a lot of practice time,Cheap Manchester City Soccer Jerseys," coach Joe Philbin said, "but it didn't show up on the field tonight."

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The trial of Karlene Alexander,Wholesale Shoes From China Free Shipping, who is charged with the unlawful killing of her reputed husband,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Kenneth Harris, is expected to end today, as Justice Winston Patterson is scheduled to do the summing-up, after which the case will be handed over to the jury for decision.The state made its closing address to the jury on Friday while defence counsel, Mark Waldron, addressed the jury the day before.Alexander, 41,Stitched Jerseys, a former policewoman, also addressed the court. She said that it was an accident and that she did not mean to kill Harris.Alexander had said that she and Harris were fighting when she thrust a knife at him.Detective Assistant Superintendent of Police Morgan Chalmers, one of the witnesses that testified during the trial, had said during his investigation that he learned that Alexander had made several reports of abuse inflicted on her by the deceased.He also said that on the morning after the incident he had to order a subordinate rank to escort Alexander to a doctor for medical treatment.Police Sergeant Trotman, the crime scene investigator,Air Max 90 Scontate, also testified. He said that he visited Prospect, East Bank Demerara on January 10, 2006,Nike Air Max 90 Goedkoop Bestellen, and did a preliminary survey, looking both indoors and outdoors.According to him,Equipacion Real Madrid 2018, he also saw the motionless body identified as that of Harris and that a black handled knife with what appeared to be blood on the blade was nearby.He added that there were also what looked like bloodstains on the kitchen floor and walls of the house.There was a hub of activity regarding the admission of the alleged murder weapon as evidence.However, Justice Patterson ruled that a sealed parcel containing the alleged murder weapon was inadmissible.Alexander is indicted for the murder of Harris, 49, which occurred on January 10, 2006.The matter will continue today with State Counsel Dianna Boyan and Kara Duff-Yehudah prosecuting,Manchester United Fan Shop UK, and Mark Waldron and Rushelle Liverpool representing the defence.

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The need for an autonomous National Teaching Council was emphasised yesterday when the Ministry of Education and the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) collaborated to host a consultation at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown.This is the first move towards the realisation of the body which,China Jerseys, once established,Wholesale Soccer T-shirts, will cater to the licensing and continuous education of local teachers.GTU President Colin Bynoe addresses the gathering at the consultation.According to GTU President, Colin Bynoe, plan for an introduction of a local National Teaching Council was premised on a CARICOM spearheaded meeting which was held in St Lucia in June of 2010.That meeting, which was designed to establish standards for teachers in the Caribbean, attracted education officers,Man Utd 3rd Kit 18/19, heads of educational institutions, teachers and trade union representatives of respective territories, according to Bynoe.The objective of that forum was to utilise a participative approach to enable open dialogue and region-wide contribution towards the creation of a draft document entitled ‘Guidelines for establishing teaching Councils in the Caribbean Community’.Its creation was premised on the fact that the teaching profession is at the core of socio-economic changes. As such it has been highlighted that the move towards establishing teaching councils will give the profession leadership and sustained quality.A preface to the draft document states that “already CARICOM in a partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat is leading the process for harmonisation of teacher qualifications among Caribbean countries. As Caribbean leaders move towards strengthening the Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME),China Jerseys Wholesale, nationals must prepare themselves to take advantage of freedom of movement within the Region hence quality teaching and learning must be assured.”Having heard of the CARICOM initiative at the April 2012 GTU teachers’ conference Minister of Education Priya Manickchand was elated enough to encourage the teachers’ union to work towards establishing a national council, according to Bynoe.“She asked that we have our own consultation because it is important that if any country is going to establish teaching councils that you have wide consultations,” the GTU President added.It was against this background, he said, that the GTU sought to not only involve its members with the Education Ministry but also teachers as well as students to bring yesterday’s consultation to fruition.The event was also graced by educators from Caricom territories and had representation from the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF).An overview of the rationale for establishing a national teaching council was presented at the forum yesterday which was backed by deliberations on the importance of advancing the teaching profession through teacher empowerment.According to the draft CARICOM guidelines, establishment of a Teaching Council is less about finding additional resources and more about maximising the use of existing resources to sustain a quality teaching profession.However, implications are that in the process of establishing a Council, the respective member state would first assemble all its units/departments that deal with teachers,Tottenham Hotspur Jersey Sale, review them,Maillot Psg Femme, and to the extent necessary,NFL Jerseys From China, reorient them and expand their mandates to incorporate regulatory services and professional development.

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Even after professing his innocence, Ron ‘Andel’ Forde, was yesterday committed to stand trial in theRon FordeHigh Court for the murder of transgender sex worker, Nephi Noel.It is alleged that on July 27, at Quamina and Carmichael Streets, Georgetown, Forde murdered Noel, 20, of ZZ Durban Street, Wortmanville.Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan ruled that a Prima Facie case was made out against Forde 43, of Lot 31 Rahaman’s Park,Camisetas Del Barcelona, East Bank Demerara based on evidence led by Police Prosecutor,Discount NFL Jerseys, Inspector Neville Jeffers.The accused told the court,Mens Air Jordan 1 Retro High Strap Black Red 3421XXXII-061, “I am innocent of this offence, yuh worship”.  Guided by his Attorney Peter Hugh,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Forde subsequently informed the court that he will reserve his witnesses for the High Court. This case will be called in the next sitting of the Demerara Assizes.During a Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into Noel’s murder a total of 20 witnesses testified on behalf of the prosecution. These included the mother of the deceased, Joy Noel, and his co-worker Joseph Fraser, called ‘Peaches Carolina’ of Lot 62 Norton Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown.Days after Nephi was gunned down the police issued a wanted bulletin for Forde and Kanand Ojha in connection with the killing. However, Ojha of Lot 2 First Street, Meadow Bank, EBD, is still on the run.According to reports, Noel was shot once to his chest during a confrontation with two men, believed to be Forde and Ojha. On the night of the shooting, Ojha reportedly left the Guyana National Stadium and went in the vicinity of St George’s Cathedral,China NFL Jerseys, where he paid a sex worker, reported to be Noel, $5000 to perform a sex act.During the act, he was reportedly relieved of his personal belongings. After the act was completed, he leftNephi Noelin his motor car,NHL Jerseys Wholesale, but subsequently realized that his phone and cash were missing. It is alleged that Ojha collected Forde and went back to the location where they confronted Noel who denied doing business with the man, which resulted in an argument.At this time, Ojha’s friend, Forde reportedly pulled out the gun and pulled the trigger, shooting the sex worker to his chest. Noel fell on the road and the two men fled the scene in the vehicle.The police later arrived on the scene and assisted with transporting the sex worker to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC),Cheap Authentic Jerseys Online, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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…afraid to speak openly for fear of reprimand – Former Party Executive Khemraj Ramjattan the current Alliance for Change Chariman and former Peoples Progressive Party Executive Member says that the full page appeal that appeared in the New Year’s edition of this publication replicates accurate feelings of a large faction of the PPP membership.This he said includes the leading members, adding that he knows that the names attached to the appeal are fictitious.Navin ChandarpalHe however insists that he knows who are responsible for the full page appeal,China NFL Jerseys, adding that they are senior members of the party who are afraid to speak out for fear of reprimand.According to Ramjattan,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, there has been no transformation in the party to that of open democracy where there is an accommodation of opposing views.“It’s typical of the PPP when any critique comes from the membership.”Ramjattan said that it was no surprise to see that despite the fact that Navin Chanderpal is a strong base leader,Wholesale Jerseys China, there is not one voice of support for him.The full page publication that appeared on January 1, is attributed to, “Ganga Kawal,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, Basdeo Singh and 11 other PPP Diehards.”In that “Open Appeal to Leaders and Members of the PPP” it charges that,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, “We have long been concerned about the lack of tolerance by the President Jagdeo administration. Now we feel it has reached a new depth with the removal of Navin Chandarpal from the cabinet.”The publication also stated, “Some of us have known Navin since student days at UG when he led the resistance to the PNC’s assaults on the University as President of the UG Student Society. Some of us were in the PYO when he was the First Secretary and deeply involved in the struggle led by Dr Jagan against the PNC dictatorship. We remember that he gave up his academic career to lead the PYO when requested by Dr. Jagan. Navin is a real product of Dr Jagan and the PPP.”The ‘Diehards’ noted that they have heard many PPP members from various parts of the country privately condemning the President’s action against Chandarpal.They added that the condemnations would not bring changes if they remain separate individual actions unheard by the administration and the public.“The removal of Navin (Chandarpal) is an attack on the PPP. We believe it is part of a scheme to undermine the ranks of the PPP which are loyal to the policies of Dr. Jagan. We cannot be sure what are the plans of the President in relation to 2011.”The authors of the appeal said that what they are concerned that,Nike Shoes Clearance Sale, “the PPP hard core is being marginalised in the government and a new band, termed by one commentator as “the new private sector”, is becoming dominant and all powerful. In the process, the image of the PPP is being tarnished.”It also went on to state that the government is repeatedly taking actions that are inconsistent with the working people ideology of the Party of Dr. Jagan.“We are appealing to you because we believe that the PPP is still the best Party for Guyana. Its reputation, however,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, is being soiled by those un¬-PPP-like practices of the Jagdeo government. The Party runs the danger of suffering at the next election if it does not restore its traditions and practices. The country will be the loser.”

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An East Bank Demerara woman and her 13 children have until Saturday to demolish a property they erected on a plot of land at Friendship that is owned by a private company.Fareeda Angad had constructed her home on the government reserve,Maglie Milan 2018/19, a few feet from the private land after she was forced to vacate another government reserve at Cuffy Dam, Friendship,Cheap Air Max 720, to facilitate revetment works a year ago.But then she began encroaching on the private property when she first erected a chicken pen and subsequently another house on the property for her son.She claimed that she was unaware that the plot of land was private property.This angered the owners of the land who yesterday took steps to have her remove the additional structures within three days.Yesterday, the owner of the land,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, who had bought the property in 1992, moved in with the police even as the woman and her family were taking additional materials to continue their encroachment.Speaking to this newspaper,Air Max 90 Baratas Online, yesterday Angad said that she was asked to remove her house from its original location on the northern side of Cuffy Dam,Air Max 90 Goedkoop, Friendship, East Bank Demerera, when the Drainage and Irrigation Authority began revetment work on a canal there,Nike Air Max Ale, late 2007.She said that she was advised to reconstruct her . home on the other side of the dam a few feet from the private property and was even assisted to do so by workers attached to the D & I Authority.“The dam end up breaking away and we had nowhere to go. I put in for…land at Housing and never got a reply.After the land was washing away, dey (D & I) end up putting me hey. Dey give me permission; dey help move me place,” Angad told this newspaper.She admitted that she began developing the land by erecting a chicken pen and a house for her eldest son and his wife, since she claimed that she did not know that the property belonged to someone other than the government.“Now the person come and tell me I gat fuh break down and move… and move me fowl pen and so.It gone cost me a lot but I got to find somewhere,Cheap Authentic Jerseys From China,” Angad stated.She estimates that she has spent more than $1.5M in all to maintain her dwelling and it would cost her much more to relocate.She is hoping that the Ministry of Housing will acknowledge her request for a house lot and provide her with one soon.

Maillot Psg Femme June 14.

By Latoya GilesParliamentarian for the Alliance for Change Ms. Valerie Garrido-Lowe yesterday said that her party strongly condemns the way the children of the Kato Primary School were being exposed to harsh work.Lowe, speaking at a press conference,Nouveau Maillot Psg 2018/19, said that child labour is often defined as work which deprives children of their childhood. Lowe maintained that the “horrifying” pictures showing children fetching logs during school hours so that they may part take in a hot meal definitely reflects child labour.According to Lowe,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, one of the region’s councilors had asked about a tractor that the region has, but was told that the Ministry of Education does not pay for fuel. Lowe further stated that after that the councilor brought up the issue of the children fetching the logs some three times.Lowe said the matter was even brought to the attention of Minister Ganga Persaud at a meeting in Mahdia. She stressed that the reason why it was brought to press was that no one was paying attention to it. Lowe said that there was no political motivation on the part of the councilor. She denied rumours that the councilor was paid to give the story to media.On Wednesday last, this newspaper published photos with children from the Kato Primary School carrying logs on their backs,Wholesale Jerseys China, to enable themselves to get hot meals.Education Minister Priya Manickchand in response to the appalling discovery surrounding the School Feeding Programme condemned the use of children to facilitate the project.“We view this as a very serious and important matter to be addressed. We absolutely condemn the use of children to fetch firewood to use as energy to cook. At no time should children be asked to fetch firewood, water, or engage in any programme related activity that could be deemed as exploitation of children.”The Minister, in an attempt to clear the air on the issue,Wholesale World Cup Jerseys, during a press briefing,Cheap Air Max 90 Wholesale, deemed the situation at Kato as an “isolated incident.” While the feeding programme is being monitored on a monthly basis,Site Air Max Pas Cher, Manickchand said that the situation was only brought to the attention of the Ministry following the Kaieteur News article under the heading “Hinterland primary students trek miles with logs for hot meals.” $1.2B is being spent this year on the School Feeding Programme for more than 64,Camiseta Atletico De Madrid Barata,000 children.A team is expected to visit the area before next week Friday, June 14.

Cheap Basketball Jerseys China including his son and daughter

Two days following the brazen home invasion and robbery of former Crime Chief, Assistant Commissioner Leslie James and his family; two suspects have been detained.Former Crime Chief,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Asst. Commissioner Leslie JamesCrime Chief Wendell Blanhum confirmed this development and informed that the men were detained on Tuesday evening after they were turned in to police by family members.The robbery was committed on James and his family in the wee hours of Sunday last, when three men broke into their 453 Hendy Street, Block X,Cheap Hockey Jerseys 2019, Liliendaal home. The three men suspected of carrying out the attack carted off almost $400,000 worth of jewellery – including two wedding bands and an engagement ring – belonging to James and his wife Jacqueline.James and his family, including his son and daughter, retired to bed just about midnight on Saturday and were awakened three hours later by noise emanating from the bottom flat of the house.Upon investigating, James discovered that three men were in his home,Cheap NFL Jerseys, one of whom was armed and heading up his staircase. However, given his training,Fc Bayern Trikot, James encouraged his family to remain calm and advised the men to take what they wanted and leave.The men, whom he said obviously did not intend to harm anyone,Manchester City Jersey 2018/19, relieved himself and his wife of a total of four rings. Shattering a window to affect an escape they also picked up a stereo set,Wholesale Jerseys China, which they dropped on the roadway after one belatedly,Nike Air Max 90 Baratas Espa?a, announced that it was the “crime chief’s home” that they had robbed.

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Detroit defensive coordinator Teryl Austin said last week that Suh is "worth every Adidas AlphaBounce Pas Cher France penny," because he can disrupt what offenses want to do in the Cheap MLB Gear passing and running game.
Suh has cost himself some money Adidas Yeezy Shop Online Italia with his on-field actions, including an infamous stomp on the right arm of Green Maglietta Roma Bambino Bay's Evan Dietrich-Smith in a nationally televised game Adrian Amos Jersey on Thanksgiving in 2011.

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Kansas City eventually reached the end zone early in the second quarter when Smith found fullback Anthony Scarpe Nike Air Max Scontate Sherman out of the backfield on third-and-10. He picked up a couple of marvelous blocks and rumbled 12 yards for his first career Andre Burakovsky Jersey score and a 13-0 lead.
Meanwhile, the Cheap Air Max 720 Free Shipping Browns' offense struggled to get on track, going three-and-out on their first three series. Campbell overshot a Wholesale NFL Jerseys couple of wide receivers, but the real problem was their lack of a running game 鈥?they had three Jerseys NFL China carries for minus-1 yard at halftime.

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Jones-Drew Nike Air Max Cheap Wholesale returns to his native Bay Area after spending his first eight seasons Camiseta Bar?a 2018-19 with Jacksonville and starring in college at UCLA.
Jones-Drew joins quarterback Matt Schaub, defensive linemen Justin Manchester United t Shirts Tuck and LaMarr Cheap Nike Shoes Free Shipping Woodley and receiver Andre Smith Jersey James Jones as successful veterans brought in by general manager Reggie McKenzie this offseason who are looking for a late career spark in Oakland.

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At the University of Texas,Nike Air Max Online Ireland, Tucker he beat rival Texas A&M on a last-second kick. But perhaps the most significant thing he took away from the college experience was an astute appreciation for music.

Tucker majored in music because &quot,Chelsea Away Kit 18/19;it was important for me to get my degree in something that I would have a good time doing while I was in school,Wholesale Jerseys.&quot,Nike Air Max Rebajas;

These days, Tucker often sings opera in the shower at the Ravens training complex and has been known to break into freestyle rap in the middle of the locker room,Maglia Juve 2018/19, much to the amusement of his teammates.

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-other agencies accused of compromisingCustoms Officers at Lethem on the Guyana/Brazil border have seized a large quantity of beer from a businessman following a sting operation last Monday.The Customs officers also impounded the businessman’s vehicle in which the 80 cases of beer illegally imported from nighbouring Brazil were found.The Saturday afternoon bust was the second attempt to have the businessman pay the duties on the imported beer and followed an earlier attempt by the businessman to smuggle in the items.Reports reaching this newspaper stated that earlier Saturday, Customs officials stationed at the border stopped the businessman with a quantity of chicken and the beers,Camiseta Bar?a 2018-19, (Skol and Antartica) which he had brought across the border from Bon Fin.They requested that he pay the customs duties on the items or return them to Brazil,Nike Air Max Ale, which he opted to do.But the Customs Officers were suspicious about the man’s willingness to return the items to Brazil and they were convinced that he would try to smuggle them in under the cover of darkness.Later in the day, about 18:00 hours, the officers set up a roadblock on the old Lethem access road when they subsequently spotted the businessman and two of his employees in a vehicle with the smuggled beers.The items were seized along with the vehicle in which they were being transported.Customs officials at Lethem have reported that the execution of their duties is being compromised by some corrupt police officers who they claim are allowing persons to use the yet to be opened Takatu Bridge to transport uncustomed goods into Guyana.The police had erected makeshift barriers on the Guyana side of the bridge prohibiting vehicular traffic since it was announced that the facility was not officially opened.The Customs officials said that their activity was not concentrated at that location since they were of the belief that the police would have been strict in prohibiting vehicular traffic and thereby minimise smuggling activity.According to a source at Lethem,Cheap Jerseys Online, the Custom officers who effected Saturday’s bust were subjected to verbal abuses by persons connected to the businessman who threatened to report them to a senior official of the ruling People’s Progressive Party.When contacted yesterday Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority,Air Max 90 Comprar Baratas, Khurshid Sattaur,NFL Jerseys China, told this newspaper that he had not yet received a report on the matter and could not offer a comment.However he pointed out that the revenue authority is about to implement new policies to deal with the expected increase in traffic when the Takatu Bridge is officially opened.“We anticipate a lot of traffic and we will have to ensure some orderliness there. We have already begun sensitizing the community and have been talking to the relevant persons in that area,Adidas Pas Cher Chine, the chamber of commerce and the RDC, so that there will not be any misunderstanding,Cheap Jerseys,” Sattaur told Kaieteur News.

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As opposed to its previously taken position,Neues Bayern Trikot 2018/19, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is now saying that it is exploring different strategies to deal with budgeted allocations that fall under the Ministry of Home Affairs.The earlier stance taken by the coalition was that it would not support anything presented to the House by Clement Rohee in his capacity as Home Affairs Minister. That stand was extended to include allocationsAPNU’s shadow Minister of Finance,Nike Air Max Ale, Carl Greenidgefor the said Ministry once Rohee is in charge.APNU stood so firm in its position that with the support of the Alliance for Change (AFC), it defeated the passage of the Firearms Amendment Bill that was intended to strengthen the laws relating to firearm possession and trafficking.That move attracted much criticism from the government. But APNU’s leader,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, David Granger, told media operatives that his party would not support anything in the name of Rohee; irrespective of its merit.That position was adopted after APNU exhausted several avenues to gag Rohee within the National Assembly.After those attempts failed Rohee proudly announced that he has been vindicated.The security sector has attracted a whopping $17.5B and the government has placed the Ministry of Home Affairs at the top of its list of agencies to be scrutinized when consideration of the estimates begins.However,Borussia Dortmund Fanshop, that proposal was defeated and those presented by the opposition were adopted with the non-contentious Foreign and Legal Affairs Ministries leading the schedule to be examined from Monday coming.APNU and the (AFC) had noted that more time is needed to examine the estimates in details. But APNU seems to be using the extended time to strategize a way to deal with allocations for Home Affairs Ministry in particular as the party seems to have everything else “under control.”Greenidge told media operatives yesterday,Soccer Jerseys From China, “We’re (APNU) trying to find a means for dealing with this matter in a way that was not going to disrupt the public, so it’s a question of trying to strike a balance here.”He added,NFL Jerseys From China, “That’s a principle which I think is a principle most members of the public would embrace. The difficulty is to just try and find a modality for dealing with that that would not cause disruption and alarm out in the streets,Maglie Serie a 2018/19, we’re still working on that.”APNU’s issue with Rohee stems from the Linden unrest as the Party believes he is to share the blame.  However, the government’s support for Rohee as Home Affairs Minister remains unwavering.

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Now that Leroy Brumell has been confirmed as Commissioner of Police,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, he must take control of the force and not look over his shoulders to Home Affairs Minister,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Clement Rohee,Cheap Jerseys China, when it comes to the day-to-day management of the Guyana Police Force.This was the advice proffered by A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) Joseph Harmon,Jerseys Wholesale, having learnt of Brumell’s confirmation as Top Cop.Harmon in an invited comment told this publication that Brumell must now take forceful control of the police force.“He must now get down to serious policing,Cheap Air Max Canada,” according to Harmon,Fc Bayern Trikot Champions League, who says too that among the first things Brumell has to do, is to have all the ranks that have been relegated to desk jobs be put to work.He said that the ranks that had the ‘balls’ to stand up to the Home Affairs Minister were penalized by being transferred to hinterland districts or sent to do desk jobs. Harmon cited as an example, Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine, who had questioned the allocations of money for the force during the elections period of 2011.“All of the ranks doing desk jobs and not utilizing their skills must now be put to work to do real policing.”According to Harmon,Wholesale Shoes From China Free Shipping, “Brumell must now take a stand and forget Rohee.”Leroy Brumell was yesterday confirmed as substantive Commissioner of Police having acted in the position since the resignation of his predecessor Henry Greene.

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By Kiana Wilburg There is arguably, no other area of public administration, as intrinsically challenging as thatEducation Minister,Dr. Rupert Roopnaraineof the Education sector.Using this as his premise, Education Minister,Cheap Shoes Nz, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine made his contribution to the second day of debate on the 2017 budget which took place in the National Assembly.His presentation focused on some of the successes of his sector for 2016, key strategic interventions for the upcoming year and how they are intended to lay the foundation for the arduous task ahead in building a solid education infrastructure as a central pillar of the country’s survival in this still new century.Starting off with his review of 2016, Dr. Roopnaraine said that in keeping with the sector’s mission, the Ministry of Education embarked on new interventions designed to improve access to and the quality of education across all regions.Recognizing the need to improve school attendance, he said that the Ministry launched its pilot breakfast programme in nine East Coast of Demerara schools, which was equally divided between the communities of Buxton and Enmore. The Education Minister said that the project benefited 657 pupils.Further, Dr. Roopnaraine noted that there was the expansion of the hot meal programme in another 50 nursery and primary schools in Regions One, Seven, Eight,NFL Jerseys From China, Nine and the Pomeroon River. He said that these improvements benefitted an additional 4,000 students.In 2016,Maglia Ufficiale Milan 2018/19, a total of over 70,000 pupils would have received some form of nutritional snack or meal through the national school-feeding programme.Coupled with this, the Education Minister said that his Ministry continued its support service programmes. He said that these included the issuing of school uniform vouchers, of which over 133,000 students benefitted across all levels and the distribution of footwear and bicycles to students, particularly in the hinterland and riverine communities.In an effort to cushion the cost of transportation for the nation’s students, as well as, reduce the rate of dropouts at the post-secondary level, Dr. Roopnaraine said that a monthly stipend has been given to students of the Leonora and Mahaicony Technical and Vocational Centres and the Upper Corentyne Industrial Training Centre. Currently, over 500 such students are benefitting from this initiative, expressed the Education Minister.In keeping with the thrust of balancing the expressive arts with academic excellence, the Education Minister said that an additional 52 primary teachers were trained this year in the delivery of the music programme,Manchester City Jersey 2018/19, giving a total of over 135 music teachers in schools.Further, an additional 1,000 pupils have been introduced to the playing of the recorder across Regions Two, Three, Four, Six and Ten. At the secondary level, he said that a total of 80 students were for the first time,NFL Jerseys From China, introduced to the playing of the steel pans at three schools namely, Stewartville Secondary, Diamond Secondary and Bladen Hall Secondary.The Education Minister also told the House that the Ministry has recognized that there is a need to address the increased rate of psycho-social issues in schools. To this end, he said that initial efforts have been made to construct counseling rooms in 10 secondary schools namely: Cummings Lodge, Richard Ishmael, St. Mary’s, Lodge, South Ruimveldt, Tutorial, Dolphin, East Ruimveldt, Tucville and Charlestown to provide a space for remedial sessions with students.He said, “We also continued to recognize the invaluable role parents play as partners in education. In this regard, for example, we launched the READ, PLAY, LOVE mass media campaign which – through print, video, radio, and web-based interface – will inundate communities across Guyana with the core message that primary caregivers and the community at large have a critical role to play in the education and socio-emotional development of young children.”Dr. Roopnaraine continued, “We recognize that curriculum is the cornerstone of any education system. This year, the Ministry took some steps towards conceptualizing the revision of its curriculum, including stakeholder consultations, curriculum review and assessment,Maglia Juventus Vendita, curriculum development, training for curriculum pilot programmes and implementation and development of national assessment for the curriculum.”The Education Minister added, “In this era of rapid technological change, the Ministry has a mandate of ensuring that all secondary schools are adequately equipped for the teaching of ICT-related subjects. In addition to its ongoing work in providing a growing number of schools with new or upgraded computer lab facilities, 2016 also saw the launch of the One Laptop Per Teacher initiative.”Further, in collaboration with the E-Government Unit, 82 secondary schools, Dr. Roopnaraine said that eight TVET Institutions and six departments of education were provided with Internet and network connectivity, while 33 additional secondary schools and seven CPCE sites are in the process of being connected.Under the Secondary Improvement Project, the Education Minister said that Grade 7 students from eight pilot secondary schools of North Ruimveldt, Diamond, Bladen Hall Multilateral, Annandale, West Demerara, Leonora, St. Ignatius and Bartica were recipients of 1,120 tablets, all fully loaded with mathematics software with the aim of enhancing learning through the use of technology.Dr. Roopnaraine said that the teachers have been trained to utilize this new methodology and the schools have been equipped with projectors and servers to facilitate this process. Further, the Education Minister said that three science laboratories were completed at Vryman’s Erven, Canje and Annai Secondary schools to enhance the delivery of the sciences in schools.Consistent with the drive to embrace the fundamentals of a green economy,Brandon Finnegan Jersey, he said that the Ministry of Education has partnered with the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) in an attempt to reduce the usage and cost of electricity.The Education Minister said that the GEA has conducted energy assessments at 29 secondary schools across Guyana and has conducted energy saving awareness exercises at three schools in Georgetown.He said, too, that GEA has also provided support to the Ministry of Education through the rehabilitation of photovoltaic systems at five hinterland schools in the hinterland regions. Dr. Roopnaraine stated that GEA has also installed solar photovoltaic systems at seven schools, all in an attempt to ultimately reduce the usage of energy and electricity costs.This year, the Education Minster said that two new schools were completed— La Parfaite Harmonie Primary School and Smyth Street Nursery School. Additionally, the process for the construction of three additional nursery schools commenced at Mocha, Turkeyen and Carmelita.This year, too, the Education Minister said that the Ministry continued to position the national university as a centre for innovation.In this regard, Dr. Roopnaraine said, “Under the University of Guyana Science and Technology Support (UGSTSP), 15 Bachelor’s Degree programmes in the faculties of Natural Sciences, Technology, Agriculture and Forestry and Earth and Environmental Sciences were reformed and introduced in the 2016/2017 academic year.”He said that in addition to this, 13 buildings were rehabilitated and laboratory equipment and furniture were installed in the science and technology faculties and a fiber optic ring and wireless network was installed.The Education Minister stated that research projects in the areas of the impact of mining on biodiversity, alternative medicine and the integration of environmental education in the mathematics curriculum were completed.He said, too, that research in other areas such as the carbon storage potential of the mangrove forests in Guyana; the effects of corilla on secondary and primary cancer cell lines; and the impact of mining on fish diversity and diet in coastal and inland rivers of Guyana, continued.

Scarpe Adidas Scontate Online in the village buffer zone

The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners’ Association (GGDMA) has responded to complaints from the Isseneru village of Region Seven, affirming that the miner must not be “bullied” by greedy Village Councils andThe dredge that has stirred much controversydenying that the operator was ever issued a cease work order.In a recent missive, the GGDMA affirmed that no cease work order was ever issued. Rather, the miner volunteered to reduce his operations so that an impartial inspection could be carried out by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC). GGDMA also attested that no fault was found.The mining association went on to observe that the village of Isseneru has been collecting a 12 percent tribute from the miner,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, something it has no authorization to do. The association also noted that “the Mazaruni River is not part of any village’s land.”GGDMA observed that permission to operate in the river is the jurisdiction of the state and GGMC. It referenced the court ruling in October 2015,Air Max 90 Baratas Online, whereby Jawalla Village, in Region seven, had lost a case against a mining company. Chief Justice, Ian Chang, had ruled that the Mazaruni River was not a part of Jawalla.“It should be noted that the Miner has donated to the Isseneru Village Council over 32 ounces of gold since he began working downstream from the village earlier this year,Wholesale MLB Jerseys,” the association protested. “This was after a discussion with the council and a demand for payment of a 12 per cent tribute,Cheap NFL Jerseys, despite not having any legal right to collect such tribute.”GGDMA also revealed that a previous agreement had existed between the village and the miner, where he was granted permission to operate the same river dredge on village lands (in the village buffer zone) in exchange for the tribute.“This deal was negotiated and put in place by the village council which collected the tribute. The GGMC subsequently stopped this arrangement as it is illegal to mine in the buffer zone,Cheap Air Max 90 Free Shipping,” GGDMA said. “The current/new arrangement for the tribute for the river dredge was an additional agreement based more on previous partnerships rather than in a legal right to demand tribute for lands which are not within the village’s title.”GGDMA went on to note that it supports all “legal” mining operations and will continue to do so. Miners must not be bullied by greedy Village Councils,” the association said. “There is the misconception that the mining operation was issued a cease-work order by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) and the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment.”“This is not true. The miner has been operating in the area legally and uninterrupted for several years. (It) volunteered to reduce his operations so an impartial inspection could be carried out by the GGMC. This was done. No fault was found. The miner was cleared of all accusations of impropriety and he was allowed to resume his operations.”According to the GGDMA,Cheap Nike Shoes China, as recent as Wednesday November 24, 2015, the (dragga or river dredge) was inspected by officials of the GGMC and given the all clear; no violation was found.The association, while admitting that the village had a right to object to any operation it perceived as endangering its village, claimed that as the dredge was mining downstream,Cheap Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes, the village’s concerns were unjustified.“Unless the village is subject to special laws of nature the water will not reverse its flow upstream. The truth can be verified by the GGMC and from the report of the investigative team.”The dredge has sparked much controversy. While GGDMA has spoken in defence of the miner, Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman has already ordered the operator to cease his operations. However, villagers are up in arms as the order was allegedly ignored.A report on the incident is expected, following a visit by a Government-sponsored team to the operation two weeks ago.

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Schwartz was signed in the offseason to provide depth across the line,Cheap Jerseys From China, and he's poised to make his third straight start at right guard. He started at left guard when Allen was out, and also at right guard when Asamoah missed the season opener with an injury.

Stephenson,Arsenal Fc Jersey 2019, a third-round pick in 2012,Manchester City Store UK, started the past two games while Eric Fisher,Cheap Liverpool FC Jersey, the top pick in this year's draft,Stitched NCAA Jerseys, was dealing with his own shoulder injury. But with Fisher back and Albert potentially out,Maillot Psg 2018/19 Pas Cher, Stephenson is preparing to start on the left side for the first time this season.

That's quite the credit to Geoff Schwartz and Donald Stephenson.

Only that doesn't seem to be the case.

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The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) for its 49th anniversary honoured and paid homage toChief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Brigadier Mark Phillips laying a wreath in memory of the fallen soldiers.ex-army personnel and military officers with the observance of Veterans’ Day.The event was a wreath-laying ceremony on Friday, last, at the Veteran’s Monument, Base Camp Ayanganna in the Capital City.  The observance saw interfaith prayers offered by representatives of the Hindu, Muslim and Christian faiths for those who served in World Wars One and Two.The event was graced by the various heads of the Discipline Forces and special invitees. Among those in attendance were Major General (Retired) Norman Mc Clean, Chief-of-Staff (Retired), Rear Admiral Gary Best, Major General (Retired) Joe Singh and members of the Veterans’ Legion.The “Day for Veterans” is an annual event to honour all brave and fallen soldiers.Chief-of-Staff of the GDF, Brigadier Mark Phillips stated that he and his ranks have noted the sacrifices of the fallen, their hardship and inconvenience endured as they served to maintain law and order in Guyana and the preservation of territorial integrity.“You before us have rendered exemplary service to our nation, safeguarding our national patrimony. Whether you served in British Guiana Volunteer Force (BGVF) or Special Service Unit, you played an important role in our transition from colony to an independent state.”“We recognise your service today, and today, like since 1965, the GDF will continue to function to earn the respect of the Guyanese society in defence, development, diplomacy and democracy,Chelsea Fc Jersey 18/19,” the Chief-of-Staff remarked.Stating that he is cognizant of the challenges facing the veterans, Brigadier Phillips pledged toA section of the gathering at the wreath laying service.continue to focus on welfare issues. He added that moves are apace to see a substantial dedication in the monthly payment by occupants of Joint Services home.Brigadier Phillips also took the time out to congratulate the veterans for having one veteran body.President of the Guyana Veterans’ Legion, Retired Colonel George Gomes,Jerseys Wholesale, encouraged new veterans to join the veterans’ legion where their focus is to maintain the bond that existed during their service in the Force.“We look forward to coming to Camp Ayanganna on Veterans’ Day. This is our homecoming and just passing through the gates and coming in is a very good feeling.”“Military service cannot be compared to teachers, nurses or with the civil servants because it’s where you step forward and you are prepared to put your life on the line for your country,NCAA Jerseys Wholesale,” he said. There is a need for a well staffed and equipped National Veterans Secretariat, he added.The Legion President said that they faced a problem attracting soldiers who would have left the army over the last five or six years. “For some reason, the youngsters now look at the organisation and say ‘it’s for old, gray-haired people.’”He urged the Chief-of-Staff to include veterans in training programmes and courses. He suggested that the veterans be invited to interact and let them know ”soldiers are not friends for a day or two, soldiers are people who are bonded for life,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, as a matter of fact our motto is ‘remembering our service, maintaining the bond’.”“When you join the army you live in a bunk room. Your comrades around you, you see them and get to know them more than your family. It’s even more bonding when you go to interior locations and have to spend the minimum of thirty-two months.”“Those soldiers in that location become closer to you than your brother and other family members. That’s why we want to ensure that the bond is maintained. We want the new veterans to be encouraged to join the Guyana Veteran Legion. We have a home there for them when they leave the army,” Gomes said.During the ceremony,Nike Air Max Australia Sale, $1 million was donated by serving soldiers to the GDF to assist the veterans’ legion. This money is said to have been accumulated from all GDF members who donated one day’s pay.Wreaths,Cheap Nike Air Max Wholesale, decorated with poppies,Jerseys NFL China, were laid by the Chief-of-Staff and the retired Colonel Gomes on the Veterans’ Monument. The memorial was commissioned on the occasion of the army’s 40th anniversary.It had been constructed by the Veterans Association which recognised that there was already a monument for fallen soldiers but thought it fitting to have one for local soldiers. The words “For our fallen heroes and those who have served,” are inscribed there.